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energy - use oduGIAVuV
off ads - bfvtixiqn
secret combination - 1ogDRE5Qr
treasure chest - COeh3TrUc
double rewards - CQe8GYzOW
stars - dia79R9WP
inspiration book - 6DrcQmzc4
attributes - 1YuzMNmzz
starter package - FneDBYGqp
admin panel - jBpvsCkNb
gold - 4udZG5yl4
promotion - use YRtGjtgR7
gear - buUFi5n0o
skills - p1frUWJ9J
gems - O2dXXOvQi
legendary hero - sbfKzLSXX

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Game story

A waste. A terrible waste of life. Yet the lives of mortals are a most entertaining comic tragedy for the gods. Arise, it is time. I am Xheat-on and i shall grant what help i can in this land. Powerful heroes who can assits you in your doomed quest. Make your choice: Aswan - is an elite guard of the elves. His spinning blades are just the nemesis of monster crowds. When Aswan uses his skill, the connected blades will bring a disaster to a large number of enemies. Flash lord - is a mysterious creature who can control lightning magic. The chain lightning that bounces from enemy to enemy is his trick of attack. When Flash Lord call s for a thunderstorm, no enemy in range is spared. Mirena - is a good at dealing tons of physical damage to enemies fro a distance. The special ammo has a chance to knock back the enemy upon hitting. Using her skill, Mirena ais able to launch are attacks on enemies.

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The Ghost island is perennially shrouded in mists and is said to keep a great treasure left behind the king of pirates. Hey newcomer! here you have to start from the beginning. Listen up, i'm your commander, Valkyrie. I've got serious lessons to teach you. First, deploy the hero. Choose a direction for the hero and he will will attack the enemies within the red range. Enemies have appeared and they will keep advancing toward our base.

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upgrade trucos - VtLuSbNQ7
level up - OsdU897oZ
daily pack - enter pass VJVT51ims
admin account - 6xvq2w28R
Month Card x1 - P0hceW5A0
booster pack - ezZOO6XF5
evolve - LtPg3QXKo
enhance - jIbUyYABX
To deploy heroes, you will use cost and it increases over time. The hero's skill is ready. Tap to cast the unit's skill and make the enemies tremble. Rex is a melee hero who can block the enemies in the way. Skills: artillery strike - calls for artillery support. All enemies in the front area will suffer 2 waves of bombardment, each wave dealing damage as 150% of ATk. Sword of retribution - every 15 sec, wields the sword of retribution against up to 3 enemies within 1 cell in front, dealing damage as 142% of ATK and stunning them.

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1. Heroes can be upgraded with inspiration books. EXP books can be collected through repeating storyline stages.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: energy, treasure chest, stars, gold, inspiration book, attributes, promotion, gear, skills, gems, legendary hero
3. Your new fellows have brought some changes to the camp. And the bonfire is roaring more brightly. The newcomer brought you a grill, so you can grill rabbits.

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