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Game story

Officer, welcome to your arrival, as your consultant, i will do my best to help you. Our people have been struggling with vagrant life, their homes were destroyed by robbers. Until this new continent appeared, everything seemed full of hope and possibility. I believe that starting from this town, we will eventually create our own home. The first step to develop the town is to understand the urgent needs of the people. Food is the first necessity of the people, we should build a farm to maintain the basic food supply first. Food is one of the basic materials, and sufficient food can enhance the prosperity of the town.

West Legend Hack Basics

A stable supply of food and water will allow citizens to have a prosperous life, which is a crucial step in development. The robbers are coming in fiercely, protecting our people is a top priority, and we have to train our own troops for the town as soon as possible. Let's build a post to reinforce the defense to ensure the safety of this town. We already have an army, and a good commander is the key to victory. Building a tavern gives us the opportunity to recruit excellent commanders. We should build the barracks first and organize the team. You proved yourself with outstanding leadership and extraordinary wisdom, and became a hero in the eyes of all villagers. We still have to increase our strength and develop our town quickly as soon as possible.

Hint & Tips

1. The town has no electricity, it's so dark at night, we need to build a windmill to restore our electricity. Electricity can allow buildings to operate at full capacity. A shortage in electricity can lead to lower efficiency.
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3. Upgrading the hotel allows us to rapidly increase the prosperity of the town.
4. The supply station can make food and water into foodstuff and distribute it to the residents. Only sufficient food can attract people to join our town.
5. Fuel is a necessary resource for power plants, and sufficient fuel can ensure power demand.

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