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West War use cheats
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Game story

The stuff's here, get the boys ready. Follow the plan. We begin immediately when the train slows down. Governor, the wagons are full of people! And they all look mad. Their bodies are horribly mutated. DOn't panic! Lead the rest of troop to town. Most buildings are broken, we'll have to rebuild. Let's start with the production facilities. Farms will automatically produce food. Tpa a farm to harves it. We have some food now, but our domain still needs more resources. Build a lumber camp to produce wood. Like the farm, the lumber camp will automatically produce wood.

West War Hack Basics trucos

We now have enough food and wood to train troops in the barracks. Once trained, add them to the barracks in order to send them into battle. A bunch of bandits have gathered near the town. Take them out before they attack. Then we should continue to develop our domain. The town center is the heart of your domain. You'll need to upgrade the town center in order to upgrade other buildings.

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upgrade trucos - VnPEpaikT
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daily pack - enter pass 0HxhOyYeY
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Month Card x1 - jYcRiOLjP
booster pack - RGCvjTI3C
evolve - TinosVg5i
enhance - SCPscjG8C
Follow your objectives to improve your domain. Gain powerful heroes to speed up building construction. Be two steps ahead of others. Walls are the first line of defense against enemy attacks. Build fortifications to punish the enemy before they even reach your troops. Fortifications can no longer attack of the walls are breached. They will also take some damage. Troops in your barracks will defend your domain when attacked. Garrison a hero on the walls to improve your defensive strength.

West War Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Walls protect against enemy attacks and allow fortifications to take effect. Increase the level of your walls to increase their health. Walls will recover health over time. Walls will not recover health if they are on fire.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter West War cheat code - give: talent point, gold, speed up, resources, supply crate, cash, king chest, hero medal, vip point, food, wood, stone, iron
3. You will need a powerful weapon to deal with sturdy zombies. The difficulty level scales with your town hall level.
4. You can assign talent points on the talent page.
5. The province is being plagued by zombie attacks. Send heroes to catacombs to stem the undead tide.

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