Cheats hack Wild Castle code:talents, skill points, gold, gems, scrolls, auto battle, speed up, elixir Wild Castle Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Wild Castle hack cheat code List

talents - use hack lG4oJKYIa
daily pack - enter pass zPCxRkDGH
skill points - Gpgs8JHb1
promotion - sr9wPkovR
booster pack - zti9d0luC
unlimited mana - SIcVUd6H6
Month Card x1 - CV5xYWPt6
upgrade - ksNcHtP3p
daily gift bag x10 - TOWJdF3kB
secret combination code - CU8uISi2A
talent - OuTykH3qo
speed up - JmdpNB515
off ad - p3APBcmTz
weekly box - CVsrJcVY5
level up - 3BKBVq75N
gold - gqnQq6Wbn
gems - B6NCROh1G
scrolls - goXWDEoio
auto battle - yYB4uTnva
elixir - zTZlJcQ0I

Wild Castle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Experiment with heroes and towers to find new strategies. Tap the hero to use its skill. Each unit has unique abilities. Upgrade archers for more damage. Spend talent points to get stronger. Upgrade the castle for more stuff. Some waves are hard, upgrade and try again.

Wild Castle Hack Basics

Your castle has attracted townsfolk. Mine workers generate gold while playing. Use scrolls to hire mine workers. Get scrolls by defeating bosses. Promote heroes to unlock new skills. Most promotions have level requirements. The strongest skill require promotions. Good news! The airship is ready for takeoff. Use the airship to travel to new lands. There are many wild castles. Each defeated castle sends gold, gear shipments. Gear has unique bonuses.

Hint & Tips

1. Upgrade your town with town contracts. Bigger towns generate more elixir. Use elixir to upgrade gear.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: talents, skill points, unlimited mana, level up, gold, gems, scrolls, auto battle, speed up, elixir
3. Protect your castle. Grow your kingdom, build and defend. Fight endless waves, collect mighty heroes. Conquer wil castles - explode new worlds.

Wild Castle Hack tools Version:


Wild Castle Redeem code - premium gift box

1. UH8BuY867bG7xJ9
2. 8PQSXUkGjublgFV
3. zoeIgMhdD0SYBTV
4. QxPPsbhiJgauGn1
5. cwL5QoKanlB24Ea
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