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Wild Desire Game story

The houses were dillapdated, the advertisements about Cancan girls in the club faded and there was nobody in the bar. The flamboyantly-dressed lady was sitting inthe carriage, covering her nose and looking at the farmers driving the sheep down the street. John walker into Whiskeytown, immediately swarmed by a mass of flies. He stepped on something soft and looked down: A horse carcass, glutted, the source of the fly swarm. The intestines and internal organs were flowing out. A barefoot, young child ran towards the horse corpse. He winked at John innocently, and John took off his hat in salute to the boy. The child skillfully put his entire arm into the horse's belly, ignoring the blood and gore, and after a while spent rummaggong around, took out a cloth bag. There were Gold in the bag, and the child looked very happy. At the same time, John observed two gangs of Cowboys waiting in the bar opposite the bank, watching for the right moment to act.

Wild Desire Hack Basics trucos

The child ran to the bank, and the two gangs drew their guns and confronted each other. After running a few steps, the child turned around and smiled at John. 1900. The Era of Reconstruction of the United States, chaos accompanied by opportunities. He bought a farm here, and his wife work hard. He hopes that he can forget the abandonment and betrayal of the gang he once considered as family. He often goes to the tavern to drink, even though his wife repeatedly dissuades him. It was all because of serious injuries from the gang operation that didn't want to heal easily. He was drinking a strong drink, when a government investigator walked in front of him.

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daily pack cheat - enter pass gcd9UXqPp
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The whiskey in town is getting more and more impure, tastes like sand. If you don't mind, sir, please drink whatever you want, and it will be charged to my account. Looking at the bloody fragments of your wife's dress, you decide: 1) Cooperate with Cliff to find out the truth. 2) Find out the truth on your own. 3) Quickly return to the tavern and talk to Cliff. If you can solve the problem with the Decapitator, we are willing to provide anything you need. So, you settle down in the town first. I'll have to find you a place to live. Please wait. Although this camp is humble, it is the core of the town. It governs Whiskeytown, handles government affairs, and issues orders! We need to raise resources here. Before the battle, you need to call Cowboys. Please go to the camp to collect Gold and call Cowboy. Your ability to collect and recruit is restored over time. Upgrade your level to increase your limit. The Wealth stat affects how much gold you can collect and is affected by heroes, girls and children. Tap here to collect gold.

Wild Desire Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The Grain stat affects how much Grain you get when you collect it. Your full Grain stat comes from your heroes, girls and children. Tap on the Collect button to collect Grain. The Cowboy stat affects how many cowboys you can recruit and is affected by heroes, girls and children. Tap here to recruit cowboys
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Wild Desire cheat code - give: gold, grain, cowboys, diamonds, vip, off ads, prestige, potential level up, SSR hero, premium items, legend recruiting x10, skills, speed up, resources
3. You can check the number of enemy cowboys and the Power stats of both sides here before the battle.
4. Your hero has different specialities. Johnson is a powerful hero. Tap on him to view detailed information. Your hero has four different stats: Power, Wealth, Grain and Cowboy. These stats affect different aspects of the game. Increase your Power in battle.
5. When you collect Golds, wealth increases the Golds you earn. Collecting Grain increases your Grain score, which in turn increases the amount of grain you can collect. Recruiting increases your Cowboy score, which in turn increases the number of cowboys you can recruit.
6. Follow the main mission guide to progress faster and earn great rewards.
7.Upgrading skills will increase a hero's stats, and you see the granted stats here.
8. Shooting range - you can send heroes to learn and increase their combat skills. Every day to the leaderboard salute, can receive a certain number of diamonds

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