Cheats hack Wild Fantasy Kingdom code:iron dragon, phoenix, gold, gems, enhance, premium towers, restore HP, increase attack speed Wild Fantasy Kingdom Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Wild Fantasy Kingdom hack cheat code List

unlock the second build slot permanently - use Jm77Y5zzw
gems - T6Eyc38wC
secret combination - FaEmwRdZ1
stars - ZCOcgyRyR
double rewards - xJvZMUHAf
iron dragon - KX7YIwnbR
off ad - nfP7kx81X
enhance - dTtbtXfKI
gold - j84krmpmp
admin panel - CjArNEvMc
premium towers - nGy7NPmYa
restore HP - use aIt5adt2C
increase attack speed - q6h6OCNUP
unlock heroes - use HFhpKUMtu
ultimate - h8tH8HTLP
items - fbsAiod6T

Wild Fantasy Kingdom use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Try out all type of towers to strike at enemies' weak points. Tap to build tower. Infantry - common warriors with heavy armor that can block enemies' path. Canonner - small AOE damage that is effective to ground based enemies. Magic dragon - deals penetrating damage to both ground based and flying units. Tap to choose hero. Tap on the location to move. You have earned 3 treasure chests. A free chests will be given upon first time completion of each map. Watch ads or purchase gem for more chances of getting luck boxes which contain valuable items. You may receive a hero from lucky boxes.

Wild Fantasy Kingdom Hack Basics trucos

Skill: make it rain - rain crystallized arrows down the designate location. Soul spirit - wukong summons 2 clones with 50% of Wukong's attack power to aid him in battle for a limited time. Legion of light - call upon a heavenly guardian with 45% of Galahad's attack to fend off enemies and exterminate them. Earthquake - spawns numerous flaming boulders, stunning ground based enemies and inflicts 80 damage. Mend - heals all allies within the targeted radius for 350 hp.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - k0IkrBZIz
level up - zyVB9rZPi
daily pack - enter pass nN4EmdlRd
admin account - JtkRTqE2h
Month Card x1 - tvAzJwxq9
booster pack - Lz0u7rWjW
evolve - cinl3ymzS
enhance - E0N1DREle
Lighting rod - lighting strikes from the sky: stunning all enemies for 8 seconds. Omnislash - blinks to the enemies location and assaults them, dealing 90 penetration damage. Boom burst - fires a series of rockets to a designated area, dealing 175 damage to enemies in the location. Peashooter army - summons 5 peashooters to his aid on a designated area. Peashooters last 12 seconds. Dragon rage - rains down energy spheres on a targeted area in 5 seconds, dealing a maximum of 320 damage.

Wild Fantasy Kingdom Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Try to defeat enemies as fast as possible before they travel too far.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: iron dragon, phoenix, gold, gems, enhance, premium towers, restore HP, increase attack speed, stars, off ads, unlock heroes, ultimate, items
3. Build defensive towers to drive away enemies, protecting your kingdom.
3. Use accumulated stars to upgrade your ability.

Wild Fantasy Kingdom Hack tools Version:


Wild Fantasy Kingdom Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. RoCaxtZwNLwIqzZ
2. aiFTzmm9trHuzC6
3. b3r6CppqTROfPVM
4. UtpF6MWcUY8zdhd
5. CqciZP5pqwayTUT
6. AHZhkLxIds6tiaz
7. 3eFTXKmKuWl07DJ
9. wUnfnNfAZVrA14K
10. aoYm4IeOXNOwI69
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