Cheats hack Wild West Heroes code:resources, fragments, advance card, friendship points, promote, gear, horse, diamonds Wild West Heroes Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Wild West Heroes hack cheat code List

resources - use hack fGAad6O7h
daily pack - enter pass 9UjG4Guwr
fragments - AVSToJJmL
advance card - kIvY6BCJi
booster pack - ezXt0TgkG
friendship points - QpIXHMoIi
Month Card x1 - e7erxYlxL
upgrade - V9wRimexy
daily gift bag x10 - lyErY3I5Q
secret combination code - XXTi1TQ2n
promote - YmQ9E6qIB
gold - tjtdUWRGS
legendary gear - wYJNJPFIO
weekly box - 0fb0NQRY2
horse - IiUhGOvCA
shard - KwHty4KmY
level up - ESyEkzNKS
5 star hero - W3uGtqZ12
diamonds - su3cWfAxA

Wild West Heroes use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The west is a dangerous place to earn an honest wage, and it don't come more dangerous than Bixby Woods - the hellfire kid. But his days are numbered we're coming for you, Woods. Coming to restore law and order. Coming to collect that bounty on you head. But most importantly....coming to see you face justice. Dead or alive.

Wild West Heroes Hack Basics

Looks like that town there is in some trouble. Let's ride. The whole town burned to ruin. We're going to have to start over from nothing. If we're going to fix this place up, we're going to need to start from the beginning. Let's start with some houses, fixing up some houses for folks means we can start collecting cash again. We'll need to build a new bank while we're at it too. Between it an the houses, we'll have us a steady supply of cash. Now that the dust's a little settled, let's fix up the town hall. The old thing is in need of an upgrade. Upgrading the town hall will increase its diamond and hero fragment output. We're gonna need to rustle up some heroes, before we get things up and running again.

Hint & Tips

1. A building can't operate unless it's located alongside a road.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, fragments, advance card, friendship points, promote, legendary gear, horse, diamonds, 5 star hero
3. Training costs rations and cash, it ain't cheap, but it'll be well worth the investment.
4. The town will keep collecting resources while you're away, so be sure to tap the AFK chest each time you com back.
5. Collect 30 fragments to recruit a 4 star hero from the green thumbs faction.

Wild West Heroes Hack tools Version:


Wild West Heroes Redeem code - premium gift box

1. z75OaUeSEODBSiE
2. Gjz2PhEHlD2i8ZV
3. UETTFdUOy8AL66v
4. iqw3wV64ZpFC64m
5. ziI0QOXnLkMaPMV
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