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Wildlife Sanctuary Game story

Endangering animals of all kinds have started appearing near you. Turns out, climate change and industrialization have left them no other place to go. You and your friends, Isabelle and Logan, plan to build them a Sanctuary. But the time to act is now. Your timing is perfect - there's a rad panda nearby! Their diet is mostly bamboo, but they'll eat fruit. Take these pomegranates. Frrd them to the red panda to rescue it. Good luck!
Now we need money to build a red panda habitat in the Sanctuary. Planting trees not only gets rid of carbon, but earns you Coins - and the chance at winning Gems. You need saplings to plant trees, so I got you two. Give it a go. Every tree you plant has the chance for a real tree to be planted! We're planting 1,000. Plan it. Logan found a spot in the Sanctuary for the red panda. Heading to your Sanctuary.

Wildlife Sanctuary Hack Basics trucos

I know this place doesn't look like much, but things will get wild soon. The community lent us the land, but people want an industrial park instead. Let's win them over by creating a rainforest habitat for the red panda. Heading to the Rainforest. To turn this into a legit rainforest habitat, we need to restore nature to it. To make that easy for ya, Isabelle and I will put tasks in a To Do List. Check your To Do List for your first task. Tap GO then PRESS and HOLD to select the tree from the Garden Center. Place item on grid or it will be returned to Garden Center.

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Tap GO then PRESS and HOLD to get the red panda from the Garden Center. Make a red panda feel at home by buying flowers you like. Red panda spend most of their time in trees, so let's add another. Sweet, nature is returning to the rainforest. Oh, if you feel like moving things around, press and hold on an item. While an item is in the air, tap to rotate it. Give it a spin. Let's go to your neighbourhood, and gather resources for the habitat. Heading to your Neighbourhood. Give nature time to replenish this. When in a habitat, tap icons above animals or plants to feed or water. Heading to the Rainforest. Something's wrong with a red panda, but it's not hungry. The red panda is a mother! Rescue its lost cub from your neighborhood. That was awesome! Reunite the cub with its mother in the Rainforest.

Wildlife Sanctuary Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Add a rock for the cub then double tap the cub to watch it. Tap the moon icon for night mode! Once the cub is healthy, the entire rainforest habitat will thrive.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Wildlife Sanctuary cheat code - give: coins, gems, pets, trees, premium items, speed up, animals, auto clicker, off ads, new locations, vip area, furniture
3. Double tap them to get a closer look. You can do that with decorations, too. When you're ready to save another animal, check your To Do List. You've completed all of your Garden Center tasks! Open your To Do List to find out what's next.
4. Female polar bears are migrating south, which is weird. Then again, I'd act strange too if my arctic home was melting. Here's some fish, so you can rescue one. Be sure to get some Coins, Fish and Water. And use the Upgrades in your Backpack.
5. Walk to move around the map. Tap the compass to make the camera face your direction. Resetting camera to face your direction. You made saving a 500-pound animal look easy. Hey, another wave of polar bears is coming through. These one look male. Try rescuing one.

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