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Wildness Carnival Game story

Welcome to new android/ios game. Let's begin now! You will be commanding the Blue Camp. You have 50 soldiers in your barrack. Look, there is a neutral barrack with minimum soldiers nearby. Let's send our troops to take it down. By each deploy, you can send half of the soldiers inside the building. The barrack will not be able to generate soldiers for a while after being taken down. Keep attacking! Occupy the hostile barrack! Send in soldiers from multiple barracks to gain advantages. Let's give the champion we have just acquired a go. Please select the champions for the formation. Dispatch troops to occupy the Neutral Barrack. It seems that you need a Skill to solve your crisis. Swirl of Blades, one of the General Lion's skills, can cause severe damage to hostile soldiers.

Wildness Carnival Hack Basics trucos

Drag the Swirl of Blades skill to the hostile soldier. Look! Use your skill rationally to acquire great advantages. Occupy all hostile barracks! Use XP materials to upgrade your champion. General Lion (Blades Lv 1 cooldown: 50 Comsumption: 100): Deal high damage to hostile soldiers within the range. Have a try at the upgraded champion. Occuping the Neutral Barracks nearby first can help you to win faster. The turret will attack any hostile soldier within its range. Release it at any position. Some buildings are more valuable in combats.

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Let's gear up the champion with the equipment. We have just acquired. Quick equip to select suitable equipment automatically. Upgrade the champion to Lv.10 Occupy the turret in key positions to post great threat to the enemy. Let's have a look at another building that will boost the power of the troops. By occuping the Altar, ATK and Health for our soldiers will be boosted. You can recruit champions now! Champion Rare or Elite is guaranteed in Recruit x10. Knight Thunder - Summon thunder on a hostile or neutral building to deal damage to the soldiers inside by 2500% champion's ATK +1823. Knight Bumblebee - Thunder strike on hostile or neutral builings and soldiers inside. Try the skills of the newly acquired champion. Keep going with the skills you've learned.

Wildness Carnival Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. AFK Rewards - Participate in the AFK to acquire large amounts of champion XP. Insufficient champion developing materials.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Wildness Carnival cheat code - give: coins, stone essence, legendary champion, afk reward, materials, summon x10, rank up, equipment, gems, battle pass, speed up, gold treasure, coupon promo, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Firedrake - Split all hostile soldiers evently to all hostile buildings. Darkdrake - Deal damage to buildings with less hostile soldiers or occupy them. Immortal Turtle - Firbid soldiers from the target building from leaving for a while. The opponent cannot dispatch troops to the building.
4. Guardian Elephant - boost attributes of lands. Aunt Hippo - Make soldiers defect for a while. Iron Guard Bull - Set a mine that triggers after a while. Vanguard Tiger - Boost ATK for all allied soldiers for a while.
5. Shapherd Hamster - Our soldiers in marching are invisible. Soldier Wolf - Remove some soldiers righ away. Scholar Reindeer - Energy gaining per second increases, lasts for a while.
6. A Bucket of Coins - Use it to acquire coins of 2 hours of AFK According to the current AFK gaining speed, you will receiive 7320 coins.
7. A Bucket of Arcane Stone Essence - Use it to acquire Arcane Stone Essence of 2 hours of AFK. According to the current AFK gaining speed, you will receiive 6 Arcane Stones Essence.

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