Cheats hack Windy City code:equipment, skill book, gems, gold coins, increase stats, materials, energy, treasure chest Windy City Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Windy City hack cheat code List

equipment - use q9OfglTX1
skill book - G3vjtYHM3
secret combination - TztzxZ8g5
gems - QV5XXrtbg
double rewards - sMiB77hgH
gold coins - u1pYyZPIY
game speed x10 - OIoubvbJF
increase stats - 4ixAeE6TC
energy - u1qufwuDg
admin panel - n0LQFqe1n
treasure chest - UulHfJimj
artifact - use UkEw9WnIz
materials - Fck3B8otS
weapons - znM4ms3k5
treasure chest - bTzIur6cl
skins - 4B1P8zZ2E

Windy City use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Rumors admony, people are panicking, so hire more people to guard the castle, and you are one of them. Your duty is to guard the castle. You can get 2 gold coins at the end of each day. Now you should get familiar with the basic situation. Use a virtual rocker or tap the ground to move the character. How to add more characters? In the early stage, you can increase the strength of all the characters if you can't carry the first character. If you have more equipment in the back, you can increase the strength according to the equipment.

Windy City Hack Basics trucos

What is the only meaning of the effect in the game? The unique effect means that the effect is only effective for the first character. Other characters will not have any effect if they have the effect. How to choose the order of roles? You can appear in the following order: guan Yunheng (tan), Siyue (milk), Yanzhan (output), quqianhuo (output). Does the game have exchange code? There is no exchange code and no exchange entrance.

enter cheat (Windy City gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Jej2eN8ok
level up - kK5N6TbGN
daily pack - enter pass G292O78nU
admin account - FySEVxpc9
Month Card x1 - J7UU1sPra
booster pack - KIYqhvxDW
evolve - RVrgpg0IS
enhance - kWgCfQ2rA
Are there any restrictions on advertising viewing? At present, we can watch dozens of advertisements at most every day, and the follow up situation will increase. Is the gain state (buff) superimposed? In short, the same buff is not superimposed, and different buffs can be superimposed. For example, two level 1 battle roars are not superimposed, but level 1 battle roar and level 2 battle roar can be superimposed.

Windy City Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A character can enable 5 active and 4 passive skill at most. At most 2 rolse of the same skill can be enabled.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: equipment, skill book, gems, gold coins, increase stats, materials, energy, treasure chest, equipment, weapons, rune, artifact, pets
3. Energy potion - increases energy by 20 points. The potion lasts for 2 hours. The effect disappears when you die.
4. Recently, the dark forces are ready to move. All parties need to strengthen their vigilance and do their own work to ensure the safety of the castle.

Windy City Hack tools Version:


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9. brfGAgDD7Zrk7Oq
10. JpDvxar3q7BOk8d
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