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WitchSpring3 Re:fine Game story

Don't get too excited if you want to live longer. You were born imperfect, so you don't have much vitality. Your vessel is too small - don't blame me for that. I need some more research on how to make dolls talk, but I can make dolls move. I should have woken you before I woke Failur. I'll go and fill the Soul Stone with vitality. Give me some time. See you again, my friends. I can fill the Soul Stone with vitality by hunting monsters. Emilia is a very small doll, so just a small amount will be enough. A new entry has been recorded in the Witch's Journal. All of the major events that happen to the witch will be recorded in the Witch's Journal. Stories and Goals - These records are a hint of the path the witch will move forward to. Select the door to go outside.

WitchSpring3 Re:fine Hack Basics trucos

Go and collect items. Move the stick to control the Witch. Moist leaf which can be found in the Misty Forest. Consume to recover 120 MP. You can collect items on the field where it sparkles. Collected items will help you to survive. You can use them directly or you can create new items by crafting them together. Follow the arrow and head towards the Western Forest. Select the staff icon to use magic. Press the A button to select the icon of the magic you want to use! Press the A button again to use magic. Attack with sword for the finishing blow! Every time you defeat an enemy with life, the witch takes Vitality from the enemy. The collected vitality recharges the Soul Stone, and restores the witch's HP. Press the X button and press the Field button to access the Field menu.

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Press the house icon among the Field menu buttons to have the Witch cast Return magic. Use the ladder to go down to the Doll Storage. "Doll" button has been added to the combat menu. Awakened dolls can be summoned and used in battles. However, you can only summon 1 doll per turn, and up to 3 dolls throughout the battle. You can summon up to 3 dolls during battle. Serial attacks can cause more damage to the enemy. You'll use up a bit of your HP, but Emilia will help you recover. Little Emilia - A small, cute, and dilligent doll. Works hard to heal its master when the master loses HP. Number of heals depend on master's AGI, and heal amount depend on doll's Level + master's MAG.

WitchSpring3 Re:fine Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When used with fire magic you can inflict additional damage on the enemy. Try to serial attack now and it will inflict more damage to the enemy with burn effect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter WitchSpring3 Re:fine cheat code - give: SSR hero, food, promote, speed up, skin, ability, skills, credits, ammo, resources, recharge, gems, vip 11, stone, cement, wood, steel, rank up, manual pack
3. With the Magic Pot, you can create new items or magic using magical ingredients.
4. The "Lesser Boost MC" is a "Supportive Magic Circle". Use the directional buttons to press the "Supportive Magic Circle". It amplifies the power of the central MC. Main Magic Circle and "Supportive Magic Circle" are the two main types of magic circles. Select the "Supportive Magic Circle" and search for the "Lesser Booster Magic Circle" you just crafted. Select the Booster Magic Circle to move it to the center slot! Magic has been enhanced!
5. The types of magic circle to be placed in ine slot are classified into two types: "Main Magic Circle" and "Supportive Magic Circle". The "Main Magic Circle" determines the attribute of magic. "Supportive Magic Circle" enhances the effect of the Main MC. There are 2 types of supportive MC; "Boost MC" which boosts the effect of magic and "Focus MC" which reduces MP cost.
6. You have learned to use "Guard" during combats. Guard will recover your HP and MP without using items. If Defense Level is higher, DEF rate and recovery rate will increase, and your turn will come back faster.
7. You have learned a new Serial Attack technique through training. You can give more damage to the enemies by using fire magic and then serial attack on them.
8. Time will flow while you explore or fight in battles. Training counts will be added by 1 after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Please refer to the Field Menu for the time remaining until the next training count.
9. Using an item during battle is a relatively light action compared to other actions (attack, magic, etc.) So after you use an item, your turn comes back faster than other actions.
10. You can record or load the current moment using the diary. Select "Load Moment" to load a previous moment and the background will be displayed in blue. Select "Record Moment" to record a moment and the background will be displayed in red. Press the Y button to enter the title to save. (Maximum 20 characters, optional).

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