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vip - use z8Ma5BrZF
off ads - QJzdeGzvY
secret combination - YTE7ywb42
recruit x10 - v3Z0Fj6TV
double rewards - vUesjAKFS
speed up - oyFu4EZdL
gold - R4G4rQRso
friendship points - fH36drgvK
Wizarding Mystery starter package - TLGT67a5D
admin panel - oqWbDnCwY
specials rewards - rVWI3EGty
legendary hero - enter qjOQHXZRk
gear - vGluys9gv
talent - use EGbg8zqVe
activity points - use 49LjqJebT
perks pass - z47OFZkFB
student card - EVEjflYpg
game speed x10 - use B8HNYy7ZW
philisopher's stone - lEr3DrQ0a
diamonds - 5OJ0nsigS
materials - use KbYw1VBLB

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Wizarding Mystery Game story

Welcome to miraculous magic world! Let`s start our fantastic adventure together! You`ve been admitted to the greatest Academy of Magic! Here is your acceptance letter. OMG! It`s really an admissions to the Magic Academy! I am not dreaming, am I? Of course not. Don`t be late, our new student! Tap the Challenge button to start! Select wizards to deploy. Tap on a target to cast skills. Defense - Attacks 1 enemy for 140% DMG and protects the ally with the lowest HP for 2 rounds. Roar - Attacks 1 enemy for 80% ATK as DMG and recovers 200 SP.

Wizarding Mystery Hack Basics trucos

You own a wizard, click to open the wizard bag. Tap to level up wizard. Tap Equip Gear to easily equip gear. Your wizard becomes stronger. Let`s continue adventure! Don`t forget to come back! You can go to equipment page to enhance it. Guaranteed Rare of Perfect wizard with each 10x Recruit. More wizard teammaates come to help you fight again! Do you see the Tag on target`s head? The secrets of it need you to discover. There are many different goods in Diagon Alley! You can have a look every day! The rewards in Idle Box will increase by time. Don`t forget to collect them! Activating diagram provides team bonus. All wizards can be buffed!

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - FQbUAjxwI
level up code - YVzMvb0JJ
daily pack Wizarding Mystery cheat - enter pass GATUoAl7G
admin account - loEECgMZc
Month Card x1 - 3F4vkwgew
booster pack - dYjur3TLR
evolve - RQ0nwYRM7
enhance - nq96pSmom
Heavy Lifter - Attacks 1 enemy for 70% ATK as DGM. Also stuns the target for 1 round. Pover Fist - Attacks 1 enemy for 80% ATK as DGM and recover 200SP.
Blessing - Attacks 1 enemy for 90% ATK as DGM and heals the ally with the lowest HP for 50% of ATK for 2 rounds.
Deafening Wall - Attacks 1 enemy for 80% ATK as DGM and recover 200SP
Ghost`s Lament - Atacks 1 enemy for 160%. Deals an extra 50% ATK as DMG Warriors.
Horn strike - Attacks 1 enemy for 150% ATK as DMG.
Guillotine - Attacks 1 enemy for 120% ATK as DMG and grants the ally with the lowest HP a shield for 50% of max HP for 2 rounds.

Wizarding Mystery Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. First, press R and select the standart ranged attack with A. Then, move the cursor over the enemy to ready your shoot. Your range highlighted in red on the ground. The enemies within range are also highlighted in red. The range of ranged attacks varies depending on your weapon and some skills. Since the orc is outside your maximum rang, you'll suffer a 10% penalty to your Precision against him.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Wizarding Mystery cheat code - give: recruit x10, friendship points, legendary hero, gear, talent, activity points, perks pass, student card, game speed x10, gold, philisopher's stone, diamonds, materials
3. Health Potion - Restores HP to the user or to an ally in melee range (usable on yourself or an ally in melee renge).
4. Move the cursor over the highlighted tile with L. This will show the aiming arcs to the targets can shoot at. Aiming arcs enable you to preview which targets you can reach by moving the cursor over a tile. The color of the arcs varies depending on your Precision. You can also target your enemies by freely moving the cursor with L and hovering over a tile with L L. Usually, hero cannot shoot if an enemy is at melee range, unless the latter is Knocked over Stunned or Frozen.

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Wizarding Mystery Redeem code - premium gift box 25.07.2021

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