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Game story

Wait for a new airplane card to spawn. You can temporarily speed up or halt the spawn rate with the tower controls. Purchasing holding slot will lead to increased airport traffic. Make sure you have enough handling equipment and airport capacity to handle it all in time. Select a stand where you want the airline to land. You can tap the following button to watch your land. Runway priority sets the ratio of landings vs. takeoffs. Prioritize landings to fill your stands quickly. Prioritize takeoffs to get rid of departing airplanes. Click the radar icon to see an arrival board for listing your own airplanes and airplanes sent by players with an established connection to your airport.

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Airplane cards get generated whenever you have a free stand that's able to handle that airplane tier. When cards are being generated, you're able to speed up or halt arrivals. Handling management - here you can see what handling services you own and how many of each one. Handling service detail - here you can see how many service units you employ, their level, and how many are available to service an airplane. You can upgrade and purchase more units of any handling service from here, as well as upgrading them to make handling faster.

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Fuel costs: you pay for fuel when handling our own airplanes, or earn money as other players and generic airplanes cover the fuel costs. Your units also earn money from ticket sales and other airplanes pay you handling fees. All handling procedures must be completed on time on order to handle the airplane succesfully. Handling - here you can assign handling services to this airplane. Some services may be temporarily busy with other airplanes.

World of Airports Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can hold the speed up button to temporarily make this airplane's handling faster, but it will cost you some money.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: money, unlock airplanes, speed up, fuel, auto clicker, tiers up, keys, multiplayer mode, real map
3. Construction mode - you can build civilian stands, cargo stands, advanced handling stations and terminal buildings. Upgrade your stands to support all available airplane tiers and handle any airplane that wants to land.
4. Increase airport's level by handling airplanes on time. This bar shows progress towards the next level. Levels regularly reset with major game updates, so only real WoA players are able to reach high level rewards.
5. Fleet management allows you to buy and sell airplanes. Owned airplanes make you more money than generic ones, and can be handled by other players, when you establish a connection with them. Unlock airplane models and liveries with golden airplanes. Buy individual airplanes with the wollar currency.

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