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elements - use aXc8BAPDs
rice balls - NQ2L5xAPi
secret combination - 8sB6eMvTC
rank EXP - lBxSjQZ6Q
double rewards - uo4hL9JUP
enhance - 5JvdhpY8o
trophies - TCK2RwsiM
increase attributes - hXNWn9y5j
materials - Dvqlb6OV9
admin panel - GrYnS9M7w
weapons - jWV07rOsh
equipment - use qpzVUwIya
starter pack - 7woNLrOVi
skins - use RvNaRYwYR

World of Demons use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Long ago, humanity lived alongside many strange creatures: nature spirits called yokai, and ferocious demons called oni. Humans respected the mysterious power of the yokai. In turn, yokai shared their wisdom. The oni long viewed this with suspicion and envy. The oni king, named Shuted Doji, ordered an attack. His demon soldiers burned villages, kidnapped women, and enslaved the yokai who had befriended humanity. The emperor ordered the brave samurai Raiko and his four disciples to kill Shuten Doji. Raiko's party infiltrated Shuten Doji's lair, decapitated the demon king, and buried the head. Raiko's men and their descendants pledged to stand watch over the gave as the guardians. All was quiet for more than a century. Then someone began killing the guardians. When the last one fell, Shuten Doji roamed the earth once again. Shuten Doji's malice twisted the wills pf the yoki. Now he is poised to take over Japan - and the world. A young warrior has sworn to put an end to him. His name is Onimaru. He slaughtered the Guardians on Shuten Doji's order. How he has returned, no longer a tool of the demons. Onimaru is the only one who might stop Shuten Doji. But can he be trusted?

World of Demons Hack Basics trucos

Basic actions: swipe in a direction to move. Tap the Attack button to attack. Perform a combo by tapping repeatedly. Tap the dodge button to dodge. Tap it repeatedly to continu dodging. Lock on: you will automatically lock on to an enemy when you attack it. Double tap the screen to stop locking on. Switch targets: when multiple enemies are present, press the left or right arrow keys to change lock on targets.

enter cheat (World of Demons gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Osvovpr3x
level up - 9OazQKZ0G
daily pack - enter pass ipHDxLEid
admin account - R99fcNse5
Month Card x1 - Wd8JoO6tn
booster pack - 6SWkALgse
evolve - Lw4kgAhBZ
enhance - KokMqpKep
Drop items: enemy yokai may drop chests containing Yokai minions. Weapons, or rice balls. Units acquired this way will join permanently. Weapons found in these chests can be equipped on the samurai screen. Collect rice balls dropped by yokai to restore your samurai's health. Trials: each quest has objectives called trials that provide rewards when completed.

World of Demons Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Some Yokai arts have a chance of afflicting enemies with certain status effects. fire attack may cause burn damage for a short time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: elements, rice balls, rank EXP, enhance, trophies, increase attributes, materials, weapons, equipment, starter pack, skins
3. On the result screen, the contents of the chests you have acquired will be revealed. Design and color signify rarity.
4. Wayward Yokai appear suddenly and vanish after a certain amount of time.
4. Minions: select a minion icon to change your current character deck. The minions you have available will be displayed. Choose a slot, then the minion to take along. To learn more about a yokai's abilities and arts select and hold their icon.

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