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crystals - use VdYOWsieb
off ads - 36FaaEg61
secret combination - DcvMDuW8r
wheel of fortune - zGZcUVyAB
double rewards - ZS3QYN29I
hero chest - sdMgFwwkx
legendary unit - XOUELuItb
gold - Cf32UfzZR
starter package - vA14tReNq
admin panel - brV41cZzk
pieces - NKETjLDBF
speed up - use flb577QwY
equipment - ukeSOWtJ3
battle pass - oVDQd3hkQ

World of Heroes use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hurry! Tap "into battle" and get to work! There isn't a minute to lose! Tap on warrior portrait. He can't do it alone! Choose Wingelf - they will fight together. When the energy scale is full, click on the hero's portrait to use the ability. We have many more demons to defeat. Don't forget to click on archer portrait, she is ready to serve you. Put archer on the center line, be safe there. Time to put the heat on these demons. If we show our strength, the enemy leader will come over to our side. We need to become even stronger. Let's improve the hero.

World of Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Tap on the portrait to learn more about the hero. Tap 'level up' to make him stronger. Oh, there's equipment here too! Tap 'put on the best' to make the character even stronger. The stronger we are, the better for us and the worse for the demons. It looks like you already know how to level up heroes and fight demons! You'll figure out a the rest for yourself. There are a lot of interesting things coming up - good luck.

enter cheat (World of Heroes gift codes):
upgrade trucos - egA4Wpedx
level up - EzLLo9fcx
daily pack - enter pass KPyQ5Xqjg
admin account - CsqOnCIT6
Month Card x1 - u9AU2yVy1
booster pack - eqSdTojBM
evolve - ZPICbDxoZ
enhance - Jf1jbmrbv
You can evolve based on your character. To evolve, you need to level up and enhance +5, and you need the same grade element. Enhancers and other materials can be exchanged with higher quality materials with special crafting. Combining characters into the same deck gives them more power depending on their attributes and types. Heroes can grow more powerful by leveling up or enhancing them. Heroes with lower grades can have substantial power with the right composition.

World of Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When you level up castle in territory, you get a powerful buff. But, you must obtain the dragon essence of another lord by looting.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: crystals, wheel of fortune, elixir, hero chest, legendary unit, gold, pieces, speed up, equipment, enhance, battle pass
3. If you're having trouble with missions, try using the tactics. Sometimes, special dungeons open during battle.
4. Sometimes, you'll find evolution materials instead of enemies in dungeons.

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