Cheats hack World of Magic code:mythic fragments, summon 10x, blitz scroll, keys, gold, soul, gems, energy World of Magic Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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daily pack - enter pass MV3C91oYh
secret combination - peTsbh6XR
summon 10x - Ag8hbL3y9
booster pack - QwDWInaNn
blitz scroll - THJgr7hR1
Month Card x1 - 5k7ib4sJR
level up - hKf0nSx7E
keys - 8GDWxPhvq
gold - 6LmpFMSMa
daily gift bag x10 - Qi0UoZi1z
upgrade - mtewpxVI9
soul - 7xj8LSFPa
gems - bhViDaK3P
vip 20 value pack - jdoRM6vxQ
energy - m0DAOfB3f
black card - gH3BSXnT0
beast crystal - CPOoh73Fz
superior beast egg - Z12I0QzAe
abyssal weapon - aOwWtSxKC
relic essence pack - RLgAslIg2
soul seal - wBeLOh7SW
divine pact - 9HwKmYQUe
mutated star stone pack - TjV9jpwGG
energy - i9IpFgC2y
Baal - M2vfa5G9b
wings - 4uzvNmrlY
garnet - aMm2dLwUv
turquoise - zRXe0CN1j
ultra gear chest - K1daYD8fI
hero's blood - oCiItOZNY
deluxe card - vCjzmuvpc

World of Magic use cheats
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Game story

In the year of 334, a prince from human land sought and found the mount doom in his dream. Being control by the evil, he broke the seal of the ancient demon. Then Satan awoke, and summoned his army to man's world. The army is strong and cruel. Most people choose to retreat. Final battle is coming, and you are the only one who can stop it...

World of Magic Hack Basics

Flint (warrior) - a warrior who has devoted his life to the study of the sword. His to the study of the sword. His goal is simple: fight any and all who dare face him in order to improve his skills. Flamera (mage) - is a highly skilled mage whom excels in controlling fire. She is able to summon meteorites, which devastate groups of enemies with ease. Florence (knight) - follows the light and pursues justice. Florence, under the protection of light, aims to defend the kindhearted and banish evil from this world at all costs. Devo (priest) - a goddess of the Elves and protector of the moon. Moonlight radiates from her skin, allowing her to heal the wounded and purify those infected by evil.

Hint & Tips

1.Get yourself some awesome outfits by exchanging outfit fragments. Earn loads of resources from dungeons.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: mythic fragments, summon 10x, blitz scroll, keys, gold, soul, gems, vip 20 value pack, energy, black card, beast crystal, superior beast egg, abyssal weapon, relic essence pack, soul seal, divine pact, mutated star stone pack, Baal, wings, garnet, turquoise, ultra gear chest, hero's blood, deluxe card
3. Make sure not to miss out on discounted items at the mystery shop.
4. Enhancing gear is the best way to unlock its hidden potential! Remember this, or you're bound to get totally destroyed by the demons. Not required gear may be smelted down for resources.
5. If you're unable to beat an opponent, change your formation.
6. Remember that gold mines can be upgraded! Their reserves will fill up, so you need to collect resources on a regular basis.

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World of Magic Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Ul9YkEd56qOekTC
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5. d7hLaeQe9pd0ji9
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