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World War 2 Strategy use cheats
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Game story

You must defeat your opponent. Please command your soldiers to fight. Well done, but to win, we still need more soldiers. Thus, resources must be obtained first. Occupy the fuel plant. We captured a resource building. This kind of building will provide us resources each turn so that we can produce more units. You should note that only infantries can capture a building. Resource buildings can produce three resources per round: gold, fuel, steel. Manufacture buildings can use resources to produce units to join battle. Other buildings, such as the town you see, are production buildings. In addition, villages, airports and seaports are also production buildings, which can produce different types of units.

World War 2 Strategy Hack Basics

These are the unit types in the game: infantry - occupy buildings and build facilities. Vehicle - main force of ground battles. Artillery - ranged attack. Airforce - main force of air battles. Navy - main force of sea battles. Light infantry - basic army units that have access to most terrain. It has advantages against artillery. Could occupy buildings. Pan-H - armoured vehicles can travel very fast, making them an excellent scout unit and effective against infantry units. QF4,5 - an improved artillery piece from the first world war, but still as powerful.

Hint & Tips

1. When our soldiers move out of our view, the hidden enemy will ambush us. Please scout and act cautiously. Keep expanding your vision. Units can't fight without supply. Please always pay attention to our units' supply.
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3. When a general is commanding a unit, the unit will get a large bonus in combat. You will meet many famous generals in the future.

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