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Game story

Finally, you are here, commander! We have received intel about our enemies - they have build a base across the bridge. Our leaders demand its immediate destruction. You need supply in order to construct buildings or recruit units. Supply gets generated from resource points and only infantry can capture them. Send your unit to capture the closest resource point. You can select several units to lead the attack.

World War Commander Hack Basics trucos

It's time to act! Send your infantry to capture a strategic point. By capturing strategic points, you reduce victory points of your opponent. When one of the sides to zero victory points, the battle is over. Build a panzer kompanie and get a panzer III tank - it will crush our enemies. It's time to destroy the enemy forces and win the battle.

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Month Card x1 - V8x4vkzJs
booster pack - sohsgYlHL
evolve - 9MZR8Id8V
enhance - 7WXkamucu
Capture closest resource points. Build barracks near HQ to summon infantry. Build an observation post and increase supply generation. Observation post - speeds up resource generation and protects a resource point from being captured. Build a tank depot to build light vehicles. Panzer kompanie - hire armored cars and tanks here. Defensive bunker - machine gun inside - effective against infantry. HQ allows to construct other buildings. Upgrades increase troop limit and give more resources.

World War Commander Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Kubelwagen - a high speed car with a powerful machine gun. Effective in pursuing and dealing with infantry. Sd.KFZ251 - high survivability and armor. The main weapon is a machine gun, which is why it is not capable of inflicting significant damage to vehicles. Effective against infantry.
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3. Panzer III - a standard Geramn medium tank used during WWII. Effective against light vehicles. Weak against anto tank weapons. Tank destroyer sturmtiger - the large gun is capable of destroying almost any target from a long distance. Very weak armor and survivability. Effective against buildings and heavy tanks.

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