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Woven Pocket Edition Game story

Woven uses an autosave feature. It will automatically save your progress throughout the game. Please do not turn off your device when you see the autosave icon. In a soft world of wool, once filled with life and joy, wanders a ragged and lonely soul. He has climbed across mountains as high as tall towers, in seach of life, in search of colour, and mostly in search of...Pretty flowers. Now, when the Stuffy sees something pretty, very little can keep him away and not even steep cliffs or imminent danger can keep him at bay... Franky, it's pretty amazing this creature is still around. Maybe what he should be looking for, is a sense of direction, while defying the principles of natural selection, and find some solid ground. Don't worry. It is not the first time Stuffy falls. It's a big elephant, he can take it.

Woven Pocket Edition Hack Basics trucos

Let's see what this wanderer has fallen into this time. Hmm, just your ordinary colorful woolen valley here. Although I must admit the knitting work is excellent. Up ahead an intricate little machine jutted from the ground. But Stuffy, of course, glanced over it, for what also came into view, was a pretty little bird, all colourful and blue. Yes Stuffy, go ahead. frolic, make some sound...That could make him come around... Now Glitch wakes up, and sees the world for the first time, filling him with wonder blazing. For a woolen world stretched out before him, soft, woolen and frankly quite amazing. For as long as he knew, he had been blind, but now sees soft hands of wool, caring and kind. Who was this creature looking so terribly lost? Loose limbs and half its ear torn. How did it come to look so worn?

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Glitch paused and thought, not knowing what to do. Was he a thing that helped? And a kind thing, too? For now, maybe. Circumstance had let their paths cross, they should stick together for now, and be less at a loss. Now for Glitch this all was pretty strange. You see; gone was the cold metal, foul smoke and creaky clocks. His vision now filled with soft knitted hills and neatly quilted rocks. Was he the only metal creature here? Can you imagine knitting all these trees here? In a world of soft shapes, fibre and stitch, stood a metal machine, with a socket perfect for Glitch. The machine came to life, it was made for knitting. With the right pattern, Glitch could make any fabric fitting. He could set Stuffy right, and found he would do so with delight. Now why would that be? By this new appearance, Stuffy hooted with glee. Thinking life was too short, to remain the same for all eternity. Such an optimist.

Woven Pocket Edition Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To your left, you collected animal patterns can give you varying abilities for each part. To your right, you can apply any of the fabric you have scanned so far.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Woven Pocket Edition cheat code - give: stars, rank up, skins, exclusive content, multiplayer mode, starter pack, new locations, tournament, golf pass, gift box, full game
3. Smoke will tell you when a knitting machine is near. Stuffy could not be persuaded to enter the cave, mightily fearing the dark, and helplessly looked at Glitch hoping he could give a spark.
4. Another type of machine marred the otherwise colourful view, with arms like that of an insect, limp and still.
5. This machine spoke to Glitch, in words without sound. If they spoke back in the correct rhythm, something important could be found.
6. Glitch didn't dare leave Stuffy behind, there was so much of this world he didn't yet know. He had just awaken, without memory. If off he flew, whereto would he go?
7. Besides, someone should keep an eye out for his newfound friend. Who was better suited than a firefly that could apparently knit, fix and mend?

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