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XCOM 2 Collection use cheats
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Game story

Excitement continues to build as city centers across the globe prepare for the 20th anniversary of unification day. Thousands line up at the site of the Great accord, celebrating the formation oft he advent coalition. In keeping with their promise to humanity, 12 new gene therapy clinics will be opening in select cities by the end of the new year. Despite the attack by fringe elements, operations at the new facility in Paris thankfully remain unaffected. In response of the unprovoked intrusion on the eve of our most beloved celebration, the speaker reaches out to us.
A small number of dissidents again repeat the mistakes of the old world. Striking as we celebrate a benevolent savior who time and again offers only friendship and compassion. Yet these trivial actions could never break the bond between humanity and the Elders... Peacekeeping forces have already made several preemptive arrests of known collaborators. Advent again assures all citizens that today's celebrations will continue as planned.

XCOM 2 Collection Hack Basics

Advent forces are swarming to the blast point, we need to move on the package before they figure out what we're up to. First things first, you need to get outta sight. Grab some cover near low wall. Double tap the highlighted position to move there. The unit flag shows the selected soldier's health and actions remaining. Soldiers get two actions per turn. Osei now has one action remaining. Always try to end your move in cover, as cover provides a defensive bonus. Low cover (indicates a half shield) provides moderate defense. High cover (indicated by a full shield) provides excellent defense. Tap a target location to see what cover it provides before double tapping to move there.

Hint & Tips

1. A soldier can cover long distances in a single turn by dashing, but this uses both of the soldier's actions for that turn. Double tap the highlighted location to dash there.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: research points, full version, premium weapon, skins, off reload, multiplayer mode, arena 5x5, unlimited grenades, free gameplay
3. Most missions start with the squad in concealment. Use concealment to set up ambushes. If any of your soldiers are spotted, all of your soldiers lose the benefits of concealment. Enemies are not aware of your soldiers while you are concealed. Use concealment to advance and set up ambushes.
4. When moving soldiers, the small row of allien heads indicates which enemies will be within firing range at the selected location. Tap a location to view the target preview before double tapping to move there.
5. To activate the tactical combat UI, tap the fire weapon icon in the ability panel on the left side of the screen. Then, select fire weapon to attack the highlighted enemy.
6. Units automatically collect dropped items when they end a move inside a yellow loot radius. All heroes can attempt to hack computers, locked doors, and other terminals to gain access and temporary bonuses. To attempt to hack the locked door, tap the hack icon in the ability panel, then select hack.

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