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XCOM Legends Game story

20 Years ago extraterrestrials from unknown reaches invaded Earth. We were not prepared. The nations of the world established XCOM to repeal the alien threat. XCOM failed and one by one those same nations surrendered to the alien Elders. They established the sinister ADVENT Administration to rule us. Experiment on us. Slaughter and Harvest us. The Resistance fought back and thanks to you. Commander, we were victorious! Now Earth must be reclaimed from the chaos. The future is in your hands...Commander! Great to have you up on the Bastion keeping your eyes on us. Closing in on mission objective now. Yikes! Looks like we've got some hostiles!

We have a situation on the ground, Commander. Aipha Squad has gone missing, but I have Bravo Squad standing by for our orders. No trace of Alpha Squad down here. Just some hostiles poking around that alien device. We should eliminate any resistance and take the Archway back to the Bastion. Every Hero have 3 unique Skills. Tap and Hold the Skill icon to view its details. Release to close it. Good. Now tap the enemy to have me attack with the selected skill. Combat takes place over a series of turns. Heroes and enemies get their turn to act whenever their Speed Bar is full.

XCOM Legends Hack Basics trucos

Genesis and Champion are set up to eliminate the remaining enemies before their Speed Bars fill up and they strike back! My drones will pick up gear and resources found on the battlefield and bring them back to the Bastion - even in your absence! Tap the crate to see what they've gathered. Dr. Tygan has been studying the Archway since Bravo Squad brought it up from the surNever seen him so excited. Best get in there. It is most intriguing. Ancient beyond imaging and thumming with exotic psionic energy. I have already managed to isolate one of the energy signatures within.

Using a psionic decoding Engram, it may be possible to draw it out and give it corporeal form. Tap the Engram to manifest "something" from the Archway. How fascinating! The Archway has rematerialized a portion of Harrier's psionic essence into a physical simulacrum! The remainder of her essence must still be trapped inside. We have more enemies crawling around the Archway salvage site. They may have information about the devoce. These creatures resonate with Archway energy, but are far diminished compared to Harrier. They are mere fragments of their former selves. Shadow clones. Proceed with caution!

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Genesis has been Marked. That means she's easier to hit and takes extra damage. Use Reposition to get her somewhere safer before the enemy attacks! Tap on this position to move Genesis into Cover. While a Hero is in Cover, there is a chance that attacks against them will hit the Cover instead. Reposition does not use a Hero's turn but has a 5 turn cooldown before you can use it again.

Enemies will also make use of the Cover on their side of the combat zone - making it more difficult for our Heroes to hit them. Hiding behind cover isn't going to be much against our squad's precision and coordination. Even the sturdiest of cover falls apart under concentrated fire. My shot took out the enemy Cover, leaving them exposed to Champion's go-to move. Fire in the hole!

XCOM Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We should upgrade Harrier so that she is prepared for anything. Tap to go to the Barracks. In the Barracks you can review all your Heroes, view their Skills and Stories, equip them with Gear, and Train them to increase their Level and Stats. Harrier still isn't back to her old self after emerging from the Archway. Let's get her back to training. Tap to train Harrier.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter XCOM Legends cheat code - give: recruit x10, fusion, legendary heroes, elerium, equipment, legendary hero, resource, speed up, instant research, weapons, auto combat
3. Alpha Squad was equipped with some of XCOM's most advanced Gear, and it didn't come back with you. Let's get you suited up again. Tap the empty Gear Slot to equip Harrier with a new piece of Gear. Equipped Gear gives Bonuses to a Hero's Stats.
4. Heroes and enemies each have an Affinity. Affinities have Advantage against one other Affinity and Disadvantage against another. A good Commander always keeps Affinities in mind while in combat. I have the Natural Affinity, which means I deal more damage to enemies with the Hybryd Affinity. This Advantage is indicated by the green arrow above my target.
5. Finish campaign mission 6 in chapter 1 to gain access to Research.
6. Research new technologies to improve exsisting systems. Unlock new content and access new features.
7. Gear is a major pillar in out strategy to overcome the current threats. We need to understand it in all its detail to further improve its effectivity.

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