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According to Vyderan custom, potential hunters have to bring back creatures more than a hundred times their weight to become hunters. When enough prey have been given to the Village Elder, they will get their own Kallar Arm, becoming true hunters. The Vyderans first heard of the Volnar Valley from the people they call "Gussars" and "Yussars". To them, this place is a hellscape, teeming with parasitic plants, Beasts, and sandstorms, ready to devour all living creatures. On a planet named Ekors. Beasts and Hunters prey upon each other to survive. Locked in a stalemate for thousands of years. The hunting game rages on. Even until now...


Hello there! another daredevil. Step forward, hunter, show me that face of yours. The airship is about to crash! We have to abandon ship! Quickly! Quickly now! Slide the left joystick to move. Slide on a blank space to adjust your view. Tap the Lock On button to keep the Beast at the center of your view. Tap the weapon movelist button to attack. Observe the Beast's movements carefully, then tap the Dodge button at the right time to evade its attack. You can use the Vitality Fruit during battle to recover HP. My most heartfelt gratitude, lady! I would have drowned to become fish food!

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Hunters have also said that a good hunter will never steal the limelight from his allies. Frosthowl Cliff is covered in snow year-round. The Utharfs living nearby believe these mountains capture souls. The howling wind one hears is the wailing of these souls. Marepia once dominated the world. Now they are a shell of their former glory. Ruins serve as a reminder of their legacy. All you need is more time and guidance, and that is my duty as your Weapon Training instructor. Quest Description - Find Chief Hunter Kalm to undergo weapons training. Once you accept a quest, an objective marker will appear above your quest objective.

YEAGER MONSTER HUNTER Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Hunting Sword - Cobine Combos freely, continuous attacks can trigger stronger moves. Force Hammer - Could cause massive damage through Charge, could repel damage by Block. Flux Blaster - A variety of Ammo and Attachments can be selected. Fury Blades - Able to attack in midair, perfect combo deals extra damage. Eidolon Spear - Make use of the Eidolon's various weapon forms to unleash powerful attacks.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter YEAGER MONSTER HUNTER cheat code - give: increase attributes, premium weapon, equipment, accessories, enhance, materials, artifact, treasure chest, credits, gem crystal, runes, jewels
3. While performing a Hunting Sword combo, you can imprint any attack from the combo. Imprinted attacks can be unleashed by expending Kallar Energy.
4. When Fury is at max, tap [C] to enter Furious Rage. Your character takes no DMG from attacks when Furious Rage is active. Tap [C] when in Furious Rage to unleash Bloody Massacre.
5. Your character gains a blue aura each time you attack with the Fury Blade. Tap the attack button when your character glows blue to unleash Perfect Combo, causing more DGM.
6. Dodge when you glow blue and your next Combo will be a Perfect Combo.
7. Enhancing an equipment improves their basic atributes.

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