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Idle Zombie Hospital use cheats
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Game story

Did they send you to run my zombie rehab center? Are you sure you can handle with it? Well, good staff is really hard to find during the zombie apocalypse. Let's go inside. I'll explain you how everything works here. Listen carefully: patients' lives depend on it. People infected with the zombie virus are brought to the rehab. Our task is to cure them. If you don't learn to control the patients, you may end up like them. Do you want to know how i got these scars? Maybe next time. The truck with the new patients is arriving. It usually comes twice a day. If there are unoccupied wards, we accept the patients.

Idle Zombie Hospital Hack Basics trucos

Here the zombies come! They received the first dose of my medicaments, so they are fully conscious. First, it is necessary to carry out the initial patients treatment. Any paramedic can handle it. Government pays us good money for every infected person we accept. In addition, the rehab receives hourly funding for every patient who is treated here. If we succeed to trun a zombie back into a human, the state will pay us for an extra pair of working hands. Well, it's time to place the infected to the hospital wards. It will be safer.

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After zombie leaves the primary treatment area, a paramedic takes them to the ward. As you see, paramedics play an important role in rehabbing. They accompany the infected and prevent the bursts if aggression. They control zombies. Make sure that there are always enough of the, Otherwise military will come, you know how they deal with units. Now it's time for you to do something useful. Try to equip the wards.

Idle Zombie Hospital Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ward - patients will spend a lot of time here. Build a shower to make them more comfortable. Remember, the state pays for the qualified patient care. It is good for their health as well.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Zombie Hospital cheat code - give: health, food, safety, hygiene, happiness, comfort, premium employees, water, energy, speed up, off ads, money
3. Stellavirus affects a person's mind, so the meds are not enough. It is necessary to maintain the emotional stability of patients, otherwise they become aggressive. The infected have six needs. Disregarding of these needs makes patients aggressive, so they must be satisfied at a high level.
4. The color of the indicator above the patient's head shows the level of aggression. When the needs are not satisfied, patients get more aggressive and indicator becomes red colored.
5. You have to remember that the rehab lives by a strict schedule. To track the events, monitor the time at the left top of the screen.

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