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Game story

Hurry up! Click start and get down to business. Click on portrait, i want to join the battle. i need help. Choose Orfen - left him fight with me. When my energy bar is full click on my portrait to use the super skill. Put me on the midline so i can attack more enemies.
It appears we have a new hero! Let's go and see. Tap on his portrait to learn more about him. it seems you already know how level up your heroes and fight! Good luck on your adventures.

ZombieSmash Idle Saga Hack Basics
Complete various daily and weekly quests and you will receive generous rewards. First quest - strangle forest:this is a forest in which Vanilla discovered a strangle glow emanating from a hollow of a huge oak. He had nщ ideal that it was a portal from another dimension, through which terrible and evil creatures were going to break into our world.
Oh, we just have got a scroll. I wonder what it's used for? Let's go to the summoning portal and see. It's a a scroll of heroes! It's used to summon new heroes to help use in our fight. We can use it now.
Hint & Tips
1. Tap on VIP progress bar to see VIP perks.
2. Use quantum runes to resurrect your heroes in the labyrinth.
3. Buying 10 cards at a time will save you 300 diamonds.
4. Dignity points can be acquired from daily and weekly quests chests.
5. All resources used on a hero will be returned to you when you rest them.
6.Use the AFK rewards to strengthen your heroes.
7.Tap on 'collect' to find out what new items you have uncovered. Don't forget to level up your heroes and equip them with gear.
Terrifying aria - rocker performs an aria that terrifies opponents by suppressing their fighting spirit. Reduces the defense of all enemies by 13% for 6 seconds. One for all - Felix gains immunity and taunts all opponents. Inspirational blow - Tyrant beats the opponent with his mace dealing 220% damage. He is inspired by the blow and increase his defense by 9% for 4 seconds.
Tap to enter the reset hero page. You may reset a hero back to level 1 here. All resources used to level up heroes will be returned to you. Reseting a hero will return all resources used to level them up and will return the hero to its original state.
ZombieSmash Idle Saga hack Retire hero
Tap to enter the retire hero page. Excess heroes can be retired in exchange for hero coins. Resources and experience are returned to you when you retire a hero. Only common heroes can be retired. Higher tiered heroes can be ascended in the Ascension tab.

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