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Zombix Online Game story

To survive you need to arm yourself properly. Let's gather resources and craft a gun. If you stand on resources, they will automatically be collected. Use the joystick on the left side to walk. Now that you have the resources, let's create a weapon. Go to the craft menu, and create a glock pistol. Glock - It's a rookie's standart weapon. Suitable for battles with zombies. The item was created and put in the backpack. Now you have a gun in your hands. To shoot, get close to your enemy. Kill zombie. As you see, you shoot automatically at the nearest target. Later, you can change the attack priority in the game settings. By killing monsters, resources fal out of them. After collecting enough resources, you can outfit quite well in the crafting menu.

Zombix Online Hack Basics trucos

If you have enough system currency, you can create some items even without resources. You are now standing on an abandonet base. Having fought monsters, you have proven that you can stand up for yourself, and now this is your base. You can install various buildings on the base: Storage, seedbeds and workbench. Let's go to the Home Zone to meet the locals. Go to the Conducter, and ask him to show you the way.

You are in the Home Zone. There are usually a lot of other survivors here. There are zombies roaming around. Kill them, farm resources, complete tasks, improve your base. Trade with other survivors. First, talk to the Shopkeeper and ask him for a task. Medkit - Restore 100 health points. Some smart guys use a first-aid kit during the discharge of anomalies. It is more effective to use when the health of the owner is low. Sometimes, it is easier to just use berries or vegetables. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

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Slots are used for trading with other players. You can place items that you are giong to trade. After the exchange, you can move the items from these slots to your inventory. Before trading with other players, make sure that the items that the player offers you are in his exchange boxes (you will see them during the active trade). To exchange items between players, click on the character in the game and you will see the panel with a selection of actions where you have to choose "Invite to trade".

Zombix Online Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Gas mask - Protects against radiation in dangerous places. Blocks damage to the Survivors Base and some other areas. Experienced survivors manage to get rid of berries instead of a gas mask, but this is not as effective.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Zombix Online cheat code - give: resources, unlimited ammo, premium weapon, equipment, items, chest, new task, gems, gold coins, increase attack speed, skins, pets
3. Common bag - Warehouse. Allows you to store 5 cells of items. Cannot be stored in another storage facility. You can heve several bags.
Common helmet - A regular fabric helmet. Weak, but it protects against damage.
5. Common Armor - Light and comfortable armor, but very little protection from damage. Better than nothing.
6. Common Boots - You can't play football with these boots, but you can get a little advantage in battle. Slightly accelerates the wearer and provides a little protection against damage.
7. Desert Eagle - Serious pistol in good hands. Deals great damage, but has a low range of fire.
8. Leather armor - Stylish armor, gives normal protection against damage. With this you can already go on serious raids.
9. Leather helmet - Wolfskin helmet. It's a good defense against damage.
10. AK-47 - Balanced weapon against both monsters and survivors. Average range, good damage.
11. Leather boots - Wolfskin boots. No circus show can do without these shoes. Normally accelerates the owner and protects him against damage.
12. Golden armor - Armor with gold plates. Excellent protection from damage. Allows you to survive an attack by multiple monsters and survivors at the same time, if the owner knows how to fight.

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