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Free hack Haki The Lost Treasure cheats code list - gold, silver, enhance, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Haki The Lost Treasure cheat world: on the sea, everything is unpredictable. You should recruit some talented people to help you reach your achievements. Recruit new heroes by visiting tavern. Now's the time for you and your fellows to make lov, oops, to make a battle formation. Select a fellow and drag to the corresponding slot. okey, let's catch the wind and set all to the vast sea!

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The first destination is the Eat sea, which is now in front of us! Captain, remember my words: all deployed heroes will have their icons on the turn bar. A hero will move first if his icon reaches the center of the turn bar. The movement speed of the icon depends on the hero's rage restore. Your fellow is indeed speedy. This will be the first move of the battle.

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Dead? Keep your spirit! you just need to be enhanced a little more to overcome enemy. Enhance x10 again to match your might. A single enhance is nothing to you. When you reach certain levels, remember to visit for rewards. Higher level, more rewards received. The rewards are free and will change every day, so don't forget.

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Recruit heroes and form your own crew to overcome challenges, collect treasures and become the legend. Haki: The Lost Treasure brings you 9vs9 battles, the mysterious Zodiac Formation, dynamic weather system, Forte promotion... all to claim the ultimate glory.

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