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Before every battle, you can prepare your ships by configuring their loadouts. use this opportunity to select the abilities that take advantage of your enemy's vulnerabilities, if you can. From time to time, the leaders of various factions may contact you via the station bridge. You can always return your fleet to the starbase by first selecting your desired fleet, and pressing on the 'return home' button. You can replenish all your per mission limited use abilities, like repairs and epic powers, when you return to Halcyon 6. We've been raided by pesky space pirates in sector. Once we have a functioning fleet, we should pick off some of their smaller ships on order to gain a better idea of what we're up against. Following the invasion by those mysterious flesh vessels, most of the federation is destroyed. However, some facilities seem to have been overlooked in the attack. We should send our fleets to explore the area in order to make contact with any survivors.

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Press on the tech research button to go to the tech screen. With the Diothrium reactor tech researched, it's time to create a space in the station for the reactor itself. Press the starbase button. Select the ruined room below the tech research archives. Press the add officer button. Now that the room is cleared, select the Diothrium reactor, and press the construct room button. We've completed a navigation map of all federation systems and facilities. As loyal members of the federation officer class, it is our duty to protect these facilities at all cost. In the case of an attack, these facilities will transmit distress signals to use. Depending on the level of danger in the area, you may wish to evacuate them. Distress signals will always be listed in the missions panel. Missions with specific locations will have a go-to button for convenience.

Building new room modules will require first carving out habitable space in the starbase by assigning officers to explore its ruined modules. Then, we should build an officer academy to enable officer recruitment. That way we can train new officers to command any starships we build via the ship construction room.
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