Cheat Hammer Parkour Race hacks: secrets code, apk bug hacked mode.

Free hack Hammer Parkour Race cheats code list - gold, energy, tools, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Hammer Parkour Race cheat world: instructions - to move - touch the screen and holding your finger swipe under the character. The hammer will follow the finger and you will be able to push. Rotate your finger around the character. SO you will move faster. Don't you forget collecting coins? Using them you can win a new hammer, character or a box in the hack menu.

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Cling to obstalces with a hammer. Sharply rotate around the character - so you can climb higher. You are doing great! By the way, explore the area carefully, coins can be anywhere. There are even secret places.

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Now let's jump! Bring the hammer closer to the character and sharply point down. While in fight, cling to the beam! Search for levels golden chests! They can have a lot of coins, tickets, and unique characters.

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Don't forget, placing actions like umbrellas cost energy. Build stars to reach the exit. Lemmings can safely fall from a height of two blocks or less. Use lemmings to complete missions. We can dig through some type of block. But lemmings can't dig up, they can use the portals to go up or down.

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