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Welcome to join new android game! Server will open at 12:00, september 18th, UTC. In this decaying and full of zombies world, only brave and intelligent could you survive. Start fighting now, dedicate your strength to rebuild home, and restor order. Contact us for any questions.
Connector, there has been a recent zombie virus outburst and infections are everywhere. Although we have some harbingers defending our base, it seems that we require a commander’s help to unleash their full potential in battle.

Harbingers hack

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It’s hard to win with just our power, we need more heroes joining our team. Tavern - you can summon new characters here. After 9 times, you will get A or S level unit. WIth new heroes, we can continue doing our tasks more smoothly! Tap the main task to quickly jump there.
That should od, Fox and Lala should be here anytime. I’ll leave the gathering of supplies to you! And also, don’t forget to bring some national geographic magazines back.
Don’t forget to save your lineup.

Harbingers cheats, hack codes

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Ooops! I forgot to bring you the combat handbook. Well, let me give a brief introduction first. Round - this shows which round you’re in and which wave of enemies you’re against now. Number icon - here is the shot order, heroes will act according to the shot order. The energy - when the points meet to need of a character. They can cast an ultra skill which is a strong skill that can be used once per harbinger in each battle. Codes menu - here shows free letter hack cheats engine.
Harbingers wiki
Avatar - here shows the status of a hero. The number in the bottom left means the energy points required for the unit to cast an ultra skill. Each action from your side can add one energy point. In hack battle, your energy will be fully charged as a gift code. Ta[ the Harbinger’s avatar, if it is highlighted and flashing, if means that the action of the character will use an ultra skill. But only units of A level and above have ultra skills.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Harbingers tips
Hack cheats tutorial Harbingers(wiki):
COmmander. a special person has heard about you and wants to meet you. She stays in one place for 7 days at most, commander should grasp the chance. There are S level heroes! But it apperas onky 1 of them each time to summon code. Every commander has 30 chance(s) to summon*10 for free, but can onky choose to keep the rewards of one chance. After confirming, Elizbeth’s gift will be closed. Elizabeth is a real master to play with the hack cheats, hearts and minds of the people.
We can put heroes into the battle team in the lineup interface. Tap the avatar to lineup the new harbingers, you can tap the avatar of the harbingers who are in the battle team already to remove them.
Harbingers  tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Harbingers: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, astrolabe.

Front row - the characters here will appear in the front row in the battle and they will bear more damage. Put the defense units into the front row to protect our team effectively.
Back row - the harbingers here will appear in the back row in the battle, they will take less attack and get more chances to attack the others. Put the output heroes into the back row to have a much better output environment.
Drag the character to change the formation. As a commander, command and line-up is a part of strength. Harbingers Activation CODE:
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