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Cheat Hard Crisis hack android, ios code

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Hack Hard Crisis: cheat List
increase battery - use hack miX6qpHbl
refil battery - enter pass IGKiskprw
restore life - X6iwaWKYY
materials - z9Au4iwS6
strengthen - G7koMTIhF
increase bag - Qgk2uP2XK
Month Card x1 - prXOe62ej
upgrade - DdXCfBJvA
daily gift bag x10 - 0YLsI5oO8
secret combination - YWgsh4VoC
level up - Lm3K0Eksx
free gameplay - 47heO9o0o
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Our spaceship seems to be broken. Our lives are also in danger. Be careful, it seems like there were hostile creatures on the planet we originally intended to go so they may exist on this planet too. Don't forget to bring your space food from the warehouse.
The gauge of the "battery" will gradually decrease during a search. When the gauge reaches 0, life cannot be maintained so the life gauge will decrease. The gauge of the 'life' will decrease when attacked by space creatures. When the gauge reaches 0, the game is over.
Hard Crisis Hack Basics
How to use the map: tap the mini map on the upper right corner of the screen to see the entire map. The map indicates the paths that have already been explored and is color coded by area. Press and hold the entire map to display the map pin selection window. It can be used as an indication of dangerous areas or resources points. there is a limit to the number of map pins that can be used. You can scroll the map by scrolling with two fingers on the entire map.
How to use the terminal: it can be used by selecting 'use' in 'terminal' on the tool list. You can check 'goal list', 'tutorial', ‘cheat code’, ‘hack tools’, and 'processing recipe'. The 'processing recipe' will be released after the event occurs.
Hint & Tips
1. If you select an item you want to strengthen and the necessary materials are sufficient, you can strengthen it.
2. INO ver.2 has two types of saves which are auto save and manual save. When saving manually, open the setting screen and tap 'data save' to display the save screen. To load the saved data, select 'continue' on the title screen to load.
3. Battle method: select a weapon from the window on the left side of the screen. As an alien gets closer, a target appears on the upper part of the (alien) and the battle automatically begins. The battle ends when you leave a certain distance away from the alien.
4. There are ‘enemies in the air’ and ‘ enemies that are stuck to the player’ among the space creatures. For enemies in the air, using an energy gun or a stone will give you an advantage during a combat. For enemies that are stuck to you, using the item ‘spray’ will be effective.
Acquisition of resources/items
When you stop on a resource or item, a gauge will appear at the top of the player. You can collect the resource or item when the gauge is accumulated. if you leave the resource or item in the middle of collecting the gauge the gauge will be reset.
Resources and items have weight. Collect the resources while paying attention to the weight. If the weight reaches its maximum, you will not be able to collect resources or item even if the item list is empty.
When a certain condition is satisfied, a clear notification will be displayed at the top of the screen and you can receive a reward. To check the clear information, you can "tap the notification at the top' or ' start your own terminal in the tool list'.
About the accompany of a comrade
You can move from the spaceship to the 'comrade selection' screen. You can investigate together by selecting the comrade you want to accompany you. Each comrade has his or her specialty so changing the comrade depending on the scene will give an advantage while proceeding with the investigation.
Hack tools Version
Hard Crisis Redeem gift code
1. RL5kKKWfsxlK8n9
2. f9n6x6HwD5iAha0
3. gUkiLzyiFEcSbvp
5. iXV5RWrTnMjPE2T
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date17 October 2020
Last Modified17 October 2020
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