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Free hack Haypi Monster 3 cheats code list - resources, hatch, star points, promo ticket, evolve, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Haypi Monster 3 cheat world: long long ago, our world was shrouded in darkness of scary Akantor and its minions. A young man first stood up to fight against the brutal Destruction. Typhox, Fenrir, Griffin, Artemis - these legendary monsters signed soul contact with him and granted him immense power. “Destruction” fell into evil lake. Its body bleached, light took over from darkness. Please reigned.

Haypi Monster 3 hack

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Fight and match accordingly to form various armies. Monsters with different elements have different skills. You can create a variety of armies, such as Weather group, Double blade, Control center…everything can be matched except the unimaginable ones. More matches are waiting for you to create!

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Moreover, generally there are wild monsters living on those verdant grids. To move forward, you have to defeat them. About battle, the restraint relationship of monsters has greater influence than its grade. Increase the power fo your monsters by enhancing. Collect rune gems, they inspring the talents of your monsters.

Haypi Monster 3 wiki
Playing a card from your hand costs Kredits. You also pay kredits when your units move or attack, or use hack cheats code. Kredits are the resources that you use to play cards and operate units (move and attack). The cost of each card is displayed in the upper left corner of the card. Second turn - you now have enough kredits to attack the enemy with the 506th airborne or to deploy another infantry unit. You can not do both. Different unit types - you have draw your first tank unit (a M5A1 tank). Tank units can both move and attack during the same turn.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The restraint relationship among monsters has greater influence on battles than their level.
  • Whenever monsters get healed in battles, HP will not exceed what they have when taking the field.
  • Star up monsters when they reach level limit.
  • Awaken monsters only after they reach specific grade of stars.
  • Collect more runestones to activate monster's talents. You'll be surprised by the effect.

Haypi Monster 3 tips
    Tutorial Haypi Monster 3(wiki):
  • Tresure venture legion - the unknown challenges are waiting for you in the depth of underground.
  • Plant master - deploy your team with plant monsters only and defeat other monsters to win points.
  • Events - the mysterious portals lead to the depth of underground treasury, where rich treasure is buried. Defeat the guard monsters and you can get them!
  • Stage reward - a supply chest will be delivered by system mail after you complete the stage goal! Tap the chest in progress to check details.
  • Rank rewards - you will get rank after completing stage III. Trainers with highest points can get rich reward. Rewards will be delivered by system mail after activity ends.

Haypi Monster 3 tutorial

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  • 1. 3bJC3a85fUGQlYE - awaken
  • 2. Q0RqqCCL0yOG9lM - hatch
  • 3. CIqZY8nK1lvabKj - evolve
  • 4. LRoqW76lHovlued - promo code
  • 5. 5j2Q5MaCOsvkCtt - resources
  • 6. Yn1R3gnLnh4kHH8 - star points
  • 7. Vs5A7Neo1M2Rrcb - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. LObVDy1zZBjGFgm - premium pack
  • 9. N6fp792pZRBJMIJ - chest
  • 10. 2xoKh0NJiZAplAi - vip ticket

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