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This town has fallen into ruin and lacks defense capabilities. We must rebuild and begin training units as quickly as possible. Let’s follow the quests to strengthen our defense first! Completes all quests above to unlock the final quest. Upgrading the defense wall will increase the building capacity and upgrade limit of the defense facilities each time. The situation is now under control. We should quickly build some basic facilities in order to maintain our military strength.

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Upgrade the farm to increase your food output and capacity. Next, build the survivor camp. We can train all kinds of units in the survivor camp. Let’s speed up the process by using some cash. Now that we have enough soldiers, let’s show the terrorists what we can do! After today’s fierce battles, there are many wounded in the city waiting to be healed. We should build some medical facilities to help them recover. Upgrade the town hall to increase the amount of help you can receive from allies and reduce the time required.

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We can’t get into the vault without the ID card. Get ready to plunder the card from the enemy’s transport truck. And remember, we can only get information on the target when it appears within range of sight. The vault is under high alert - and its defense is strong. I think we need more powerful attack units to stand a change. Follow the quest to train new units. Join an alliance within the scheduled time to earn cash.
Whole army was dispatched, and under the cover of heavy haze, succeeded in ambushing the transport vehicle, but when i excitedly returned to the base with the ID card for the vault entrance.
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I found a group of armed bandits guarding the door of the vault. I sternly asked the, where thy had come from, but got no answer. THe head bandit looked at me coldly,as if he had already anticipated our actions, and then turned with his gang and entered into the vault.
What had happened was way beyond my expectations. Had our plans been discovered by the Arbier? My intuition told me that the vault was not safe, and we shouldn’t rush into it, we needed to be well prepared.

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