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Free hack Heart's Medicine cheats code list - gold, energy, boost up, promo ticket, extra points, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Heart's Medicine cheat world: you’ll see many specialties here like pediatrics, plastic surgery, and lab work. There’s even a prenatal specialist. But we’ll start with my specialty. Come, walk with me...Go on and get changed behind the dressing screen, and then we can get started. Now then, shall i refresh your memory about how to do a basic diagnosis?

Heart's Medicine hack

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Every patient who comes in will first sit in one of chairs Art inc chairs to wait. The hearts Art inc hearts above each patient represent their overall health. You want them to leave with as many hearts as possible.

First, select the patient. Then select the station that is shown in the patient’s speech bubble. Now you have to treat Art inc treatthem.

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Some patients require more than one treatment. Some treatments require items or tools which you have to pick up first. Now that you have the item, you can perform the treatment. First patient seems to be feeling much better. Check them out at the counter. Discharging several patients at once gives you bonus points for efficiency. Two more important things: there are other more complex treatments, but i will explain those when the time comes. And helping patients quickly increases their health.

Heart's Medicine wiki
Story levels have optional objectives that will grant you a precious diamond! Finish the level to see how you can spend it! Earn 1 star in the first half of the day. Keep on eye on your tray. All the items you make are stored here and space is limited. Press on a client to deliver your items. You can select an item you don’t need to remove it from your tray.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Send people to the water cooler to stop their hearts from dropping.
  • Oliver, the guinea pig, will show up during every story level. Find him to get extra points.
  • Some levels allow you to earn diamonds. Finish level 2 to start spending your diamonds on awesome things.
  • Patient has some sore spots. Reveal them by hovering with the magnifying glass. Each time you find a sore spot, a box is ticked. Complete the treatment by finding all the sore spots.

Heart's Medicine tips
    Tutorial Heart's Medicine(wiki):
  • Lower the rate at which patients lose hearts at the checkout desk.
  • Challenge levels have a mandatory objective that will grant you diamonds. You can use them to unlock metagame objects.
  • When a player is injured it will take a while to heal. With medical kits you can reduce your recovery time.
  • Now let's give a consumable to a player. To do this press and hold on the consumable and drag it over the player you want to give it to.
  • Your team is ready let's play a match. For this we will need the 18 players that go to the match available and ready.

Heart's Medicine tutorial

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