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AaO4ds - gold coins
xVGHWT - legendary heroes
N9H1ZA - keys
EXSEFf - treasure chest
QCltUu - costumes
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Hey, there! Your face isn’t familiar here. State your business! So you’re looking for work? The Mayor is looking for professional mercenaries to deal with monsters. Basics: you can move by using control pad. Don’t use weapons in town. Use them on the field. Please tap the skill button to activate your skill. You can purchase goods at the Grocery! Check the item description, if you like it, buy it now!

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Magic is one of the biggest mysteries of the old era black magic can be really dangerous. The crystal on the spire is ancient. Crystal is, in fact, defending this town. And with this pendant, i have to charge its magic sometimes. When its magic power drops, monsters can see their location.
Costume: the recommended crafting item are sunglasses. Inspect sunglasses by choosing the crafting material and try to craft it now. This is the first time so i will give you the required material.

HeartsWar cheats, hack codes

You can place hire mercenaries to your team. If you want to use pet, please fo to manage mercenary. You have the green slime that you just hired, right? Try dragging it to the left blank space now. Use selection box - contained series seal. Summon ticket - earn s-grade mercenaries with 3 millon pet experience. Earn 10% extra experience when growing mercenaries of the same rank.
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Characters: pirate - is the outlaw of sea that full of freedom and romantic. Their friendship can’t be broke. Ronin - are wandering swordsmen around Midgard. Black mages - are elemental magic specialists. They are magicians who seek the eternal truth.
Use general shop - goods, reinforced materials, order and supplies; special shop - such as package, every day benefits, by day.

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6 F5AYuA gold coins
7 JZ1CM4 month card
8 r34CFC premium pack
9 NPVaKR legendary gear
10 iNcL2O vip ticket
11 cW0vOD gear pack

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58EcOO - supply box
fIYiGR - treasure chest
ZXyaWV - multiplayer
LWTBS3 - vip status
YpIYsb - star tokens
Hack UjfHt2 - artifacts
Cheat ZoRrJx - evade
I8p65p - elite ticket
ZDQWqu - exchange cheat code

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