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Helium Rain cheat world: 2092 the Hypatia space telescpoe identifies a gas around the star Hydri. The new planet Nema, would only be one of many exoplanets in the universe, if not for moons deemed capable of supporting life. 24 light years away from Earth, it is close enough to be in human reach.
2017 interstellar colonial carrier Deadalus leaves Earth orbit. Racked with a crew of 9000, mining gear and scientific equipment to investigate the Hydri system, it will reach 20% of the speed of light.

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2230 ICC Daedalus enters the orbit of Nema. Its moons are barren, desolated wastelands, unable to support life. Pumpin stations are built around Nema to extract the valuable gases within, asteroids are broken up for materials and colonists establish outpost around the moons.
2249 some colonists attempt a return to Earth. A clash between colonists puches some of them to attempt to fly Daedalus back to Earth, only to meet opposition form the others. The carrier is destroyed in the fight.
2250 life goes on. As the colonial government has broken down, the mining and exploration companies remain. With no hope of return to the known world, life goes on, in relative peace...

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You are now flying your personal ship. Spaceships feature small maneuvering engines called the RCS, and large orbital engines for accelerating. To move forwards, press Z slightly. You can modify the key binding in the settings menu (F10). There is no air to brake in space. Your ship will keep its velocity and direction if you don't brake with your RCS. Press S to brake. Move your curcor to the top of the screen to pitch up. Your spacecraft can move along any axis up, down, left, right. Keep a constant velocity and aim for your target, your ship's engine controller will automatically align your velocity with your ship's orientation.

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You need to learn how to travel between sectors. To start a travel, open the menu bar with right mouse button and click on the orbital map. Select the sector "the depths" and click "travel". Then, on the orbital map, use the fast forward button to wait for the end of the travel. YOu can use the targeting system to interact with objects. Use mouse scroll down and mouse scroll up to select MSYWMN francisco mine. Station have multiple docking ports for light and heavy ships. Turn around the station to find an available docking port - your docking computer will automatically start.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: bring your ship in front of the docking port and reduce the lateral error displayed on your docking computer to less them 5m. The easiest way os to aim for the center of the small circle in the HUD and left control, D and Q to ring the small circle in the HUD at the center of the biffer circle. Keep your velocity low during the manoeuver. Aim for the center of the small circle in the HUD when the roll and lateral error are low to correct your alignment. Once all the docking parameters are good, slowly speed up to reduce the distance, keeping all the error values as low as you can. Once you're 3 meters away, the magnetic grab will snap your ship to the docking port. For your first docking, try staying below 5 m\s and don't hesitate to stop to correct your alignements.

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Tutorial Helium Rain (wiki): other companies in this system can give you contracts to carry out. You can ignore them, but they are a very good way to earn money or research, or to discover new sectors. Keep traveling between sectors to find contracts. Ongoing contracts - you can manage contracts here. YOu have only a few days to accept a contract, but once you do, you can usually take your time to finish it.

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