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Game Story
Since the dawn of time almost all souls had been sent to Paradise and hell was a tranquil place. However, as humanity thrived people committed more sins and the punitive facility in hell was overcrowded in a blink of an eye. Troubled demons built the hell prison headed by Thanatos as a punishment executive.
Traditional inefficient punishing methods were reformed and a pay rise system was introduced to motivate the demons. Those great reforms bore fruits in developing hell administration. A long time has passed since those events. Nowadays in hell...the mortal world is trending among youngsters and all of Hell has been influenced by the world of living.
The punishment system has significantly changed and became a competition. Eventually, the punishment and amusement industriest were combined and the Hell sports were born, soon becoming a popular sport discipline. Right at this time, a budding future player chasing after his hell sports dream started to rise up.
Hell Sports Hack Basics
Sinners are humans who sinned in the mortal world and were sent to hell. They're getting their punishment in the hell sports. Hit the floor to set a trap! Sinners walking straight will step on them. And they fall to the lowest level of Hell to get their punishment.
Did you notice that number above your head? This is the number of traps you can set. You have to pay attention to this during the match. When the trap disappears, you regain your number of traps you can set.
Your skill is setting traps on the two squares in front of you. It's effective against opponents or sinners who are a bit far from you. But it has its limits. This thing above your head is a skillmeter. You can only use your skill when the meter it full. The skillmeter recharges over time. Better keep that in mind during the match.
Hint & Tips
1. Tanks are very strong sinners. Destroying tanks is crucial. One or two of traps won't stop unit. But if it run into a lot of traps or get fiercely attacked, it will break.
2. Above your head is an ability meter. You can use your special ability only when the meter is full. You can charge your ability meter by punishing lots of sinners. During a Hell sports match you may not If you step onto a trap on the enemy's side you fall. You have to remove blue traps with an attack or a skill so that your fellow sinners don't fall. When an ally unit reaches the goal they earn you a point. As you can see, Hell Sports is a 2 on 2 fight. Your opponents will try to stop you.
Hell Sports Rules
It's good to review the rules. Whoever gains two points first wins! get your sinners or tanks in the goal. The time limit is 180 seconds. Highest score wins! Sinners get stronger over time. Thye will move faster and appear more often. You can send out your tanks after some time passes. Finding the right timing is a key to victory.
The infernal league is the most severe in game. Below it is the Hell, pro, semi pre, amateur, and the beginner league, in this order. Mater pixy and lady assistyn will star from the beginner league. Gain a lot of fans and raise your star level. When you increase your star level, you can join a higher level league. Your star level won't affect your power or speed. However, when you increase your star level, you obtain new skins.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date09 October 2020
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