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Help Will Come Tomorrow Game difficulty: Passenger level - is the least demanding experience, allowing you to focus mainly on the story told in the game. The survival level - is an optimally balanced experience where the aspects of survival and the story are just as important. The resident of Syberia - is an experience directed to the most persistent players, where the aspect of survival and keeping the story is extremely demanding.

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The key aspect of the characters’ survival is satisfying their basic needs, shown in the form of statues: hunger, thirst, warmth, fatigue. Each of them has its own individual effect on the character. To know them you can hover over their icon. Character is thirsty? There is a bit of clean water in your inventory. Give it to the thirsty character. Press A button on the appropriate item from the inventory to pick it up. Now let’s move on to the character card. To do this, select one of the portraits from the panel on the left.

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Character card is a place where all the most important information about each hero is located. The window is divided into three tabs. We will start from discussing the character section. Each unit belongs to one of three factions: aristocratic, revolutionary or neutral. Faction affiliation defines the initial attitude of the characters to each other and affects the course of night conversations around the campfire.
Traits - are the character’s unique features. They appear during the game as a result of conversations, actions or events. They can have both positive and negative impact on the outcome of the characters’ actions in the camp.
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Health level can determine how many ailments can a character take. Decrease of health to zero means death. Morale means how much conflict and sacrifice can a character take. High morale allows to regain action points lost in the morning by negative statuses. Morale level can be increased by performing corresponding actions and conducting dialogues in a manner consistent with the beliefs and nature of the character.
Current hero statuses are also visible in the card. In addition to the basic statuses discussed earlier, the game has a number if special statuses, including, among others diseases, injuries or mental states of the character. Some of them may have a time limit on a given number of days. Exceptiona statuses may prevent from leaving the camp or block some actions.

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Credits - how much person appreciates the skills and competences of the other. It increases when the actions performed by that unit bring a positive effect.
My story - in this section where you can explore knowledge about a given character. As a result of night conversations, team members get to know each other better, discovering their stories and motivations.
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