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Hero Dash cheat world: In the dark silence a ball of purple flame flickers into being bringing to light a mysterious hooded figure. The magic flame glowing purple in the his palm. Click challenge and beat it to the next stage successfully.
From now on, the battle will continue without interruption. even if you exit the game, it will not stop. You can return to the game at any time. Now that you have defeated the deadly spider (chapter 1) and obtained a rare quality weapon, i will teach you how to equip the weapon.

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We first click on the character button to go to the character interface. If there is equipment that can be replaced, there will be a clothing icon on the equipment location to prompt you to replace the better equipment in time. Click to enter the equipmen details interface. We find the weapon we just obtained, click equip and we can equip this weapon to increase our CP. Now let's go back to the battle and challenge the boss. immediately challenge the boss to try the power of new weapon.

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Characters: warrior - with a strong physique and strong defense could withstand great dmg with his strong shield and sharp sword. Mage - a talented female wizard with a variety of long range spells cause havoc dmg. She could not withstand much damage due to her fragile body. Assassin - is a good at concealing himself and has many control skills could cause massive damage by launching unexpected sneak attacks.

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Is it difficult to clear stage? Have you ever tried learning skills to fight monsters? By effectively using skills you can greatly increase combat efficiency. Let's equip some skills - click the skill icons. Click the level up button to level up skills. The higher the skill level, the more powerful of the skills. Click the skill icon to release skills at any time. You can release the skill automatically when the auto button is turned on! Skills info: knife fan - quickly throw a large number of flying knives and inflict massive damage on all surrounding enemies. Shadow strike - attack from the shadows, causing damage to the target and stunning the enemy.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can find a lot of good things in market and go shopping with me. Click on the home button and go to the home interface. Click the market button in the home to enter. If the products displayed are not what you want, you can click refresh button to refresh the entire product column. Now we can purchase ring, product discount is also randomly brushed out, we must take advantage of opportunities.

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Tutorial Hero Dash (wiki): opening festival - opening task, topup rebate and half price sales give you experience. Days signed - you can get a mystic pet and second day and a legendary pet at 7th. Duel of combat power - last for 7 days and you could get a legendary pet "pandasoul". Go and celar the stage - clear stage quickly and get a great reward.

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