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Your father was a King. Carrying the legacy of the Ancestors. Great queens, kings, sages and heroes of Estaria. But with time their guidance was lost. The Kingdom decayed and the beasts awakened. Even worse, Jareth, your father's trusted advisor, stole one of the Memory Stones. An ancient artifact with the power to summon Ancestors from the Elysium. The Kingdom faces grave threats from many sides. It's your time now. Tome to get yuor Legacy back!

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hack Hero Legacy Adventure RPG Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): We've been holding on by threads since your father's death. I'm not sure if you remember me - my mother was still the Captain when you left. I took over once she retired. Family business, you know. As my grandmother used to say, can't be a baker with a name like Blade.

cheat Step #2: You must have so many questions! Yes, Jareth stole a Memory Stone. You know the legends - all the stories about hte Ancestors' wisdom locked in those stones... It's a huge loss for us. There are only six left in the castle. Take them. They have been inactive for years. The good news is that Jareth can't use the one he stole either. Find place to use Memory Stone and wake up Echo of Fire.

code Step #3:How to use skills? Skills are special powers granted by Ancestors. Each Ancestor will bless you with different elemental powers. 1. TAP the skill you want to use. 2. HOLD it on the board and aim. 3. RELEASE it. Take your time! Ultimate skills are MUCH more powerful versions of skills. 1. TAP the Ultimate Skill you want to use. 2. HOLD it on the board and choose the best position. 3. RELEASE it!

Hero Legacy Adventure RPG Step #4: The Adventure continues. Continue your exploration in the Kingdom of Estaria. Oh, we used those to travel for great distances. I think they were designed by the Merchant Guilds in cooperation with The Order of Gaia, back in the Era of Wonders. You know what they say. Time is money, my friend! Once you connacted to one, it's enough to comcentrate on it and you're there! And the best part, it also heals you fully, thanks to blessing of Gaia! Let's try it out! Adventure awaits!

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  • Journal contains reflections of your character on events and also interesting information about some creatures which you'll meet on your way. Open your jounal to examine it closer. Some information is unlocked at the start. You will discover new information while playing. Click on any entry to open it.
  • Your opponent plays first this time. It gives them the advantage in choosing the best position. Player that goes first gets 3 energy at the beginning of their turn. Player that goes second starts the game with 4 energy. It allows evening the odds through the strength of played cards.
  • Due to the fact that you start with 4 energy you can play 2 creatures at your first turn. Play one Orderly to protect the Leader from an enemy creature. Then play the second one to occupy an empty lane. Aside from Health and Attack creatures have Sanity. The total Horror Level increases by 1 when your creature dies. The creature will go insane, if Horror Level becomes equal or higher than the Sanity. After the creature goes insane, the Horror Level resets to 0. When creature goes insane, it gets Madness.
  • Enemy's Horror Level has enough for their creature to go insane. This creature will go insane at the end of the turn. That will happen because the creature's Sanity is not above the current Horror Level. The creature got Madness and now is under its negative effects.
  • The enemy placed two creatures on the lane getting the advantage on it. But that advantage can be turned against them by playing certain cards. One of the enemy creatures survived despite getting badly hurt. You can place Orderly and attack the enemy creature with him. Orderly has enough strength to kill the enemy creature. Also you can make Orderly attack the enemy Leader. In that case, enemy creature will survive and can attack your Leader.
  • Aside from the Active Ability each Leader has the ability to Draw Cards. You can't play both cards, but you can choose the most suitable one. Play a creature on one of two lanes. You must attack the creature first.
  • Items can only be played on allied creatures. Items allow to strengthen your creatures or use an immediate effect. Creatures with Regeneration restore the amount of health equal to the strength of Regeneration at the end of turn.
  • This is a collection. You can find obtained cards here. Navigate to your collection to examine it closer. These are your cards. You'll get new cards for your collection throughout the course of the campaign and the game is general. Your cards have improved. Your cards will change a nd gain new skills along the way. You'll be able to change and customise your deck in time when you have more cards.
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