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Hero Legion cheat world: the flame of war is here, it's time for heroes to stand up. The world has been at peace for too long, something evil is now coming... The dead are restless and attacking the livings. Is it because the ones in the prophecy are coming back? There is no time to think, i have to assist the humans first then begin a thorough investigation.

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Welcome to the legion! The war is coming, try clear some stages. We have talent skills ready, tap the skill icon to release and turn the tide. Tap to cast thunderclap to stun the enemies. Tap the unit icon to deploy units quickly, they can take damage and tank for the heroes. Deploy units will consume morale. Tap to cast sunblast to destroy the enemies.

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Units can tank for heroes, drag and drop to deploy units. Tap on the unit portrait to quickly auto deploy. We saw the power of talent skills, use at the right time will change the tide quickly. Go to the lineup and equip some talent skills to use in battles. A strong hero must also have the strong equipment to match, here is a weapon, try putting it on in equipment.

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With the new equipment, we can clear more stages. Units can be improved along with heroes. Level up only needs time, but the length will increase as the level goes higher. You can also coupon unit leveling. Summon can get you hero soulgems and items. Heroes have relations with others and can form bonds. Bonds can boost other heroes when you summon or rank up the hero.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: To quickly level up the new hero, let's use experience potions. Each chapter has its achievements and rewards, check it out! Continue to clear and raid stages, use all ap, you will level up and unlock new features quickly. Units can level up and evolve, they will become stronger and look cooler.

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