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Hero Masters cheat world: finally, i'm so happy you are here! We need your help! Evee got out of our control and captured the world. You are the only one who can stop her. Yoji is your first hero. He is a great damage dealer. We need to restore the control of this planet. Don't do anything - just watch. Whenever a hero makes a move or gets damaged, his energy bar increases. Once it's full you can use his super ability.

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You are doing great so far, but you need more heroes if you are planning to defeat Eve. Let's summon a new hero. Select the summoning method at the bottom of the screen to start: common, magic, secret summon. Second hero - Akia - is a great for support as a healer. You need to send her to the battlefield. Your army is fighting automatically, and you can help them by draevolve symbols.

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Draw the symbol anywhere on the screen to activate super ability. 3 character - Duar, is a great tank. He can protect your team. Put him on the front line. There are 6 normal levels and one boss level on each Planet. You can power-up your heroes using heroes you don't need. Evolution - you can power-up or evolve your hack heroes here. YOu have to use other heroes as materials.

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I'm going to be honest with you now. Evee is an artificial intelligence which was supposed to take care of our world. But one day we lost control over Evee and she started destroying everything in her path. You saved this planet, but other planets need your help too. Witch - very powerful 4 star hero and she want to join your team. But first, she want to be sure thatwe fit each other. COmplete planet 1 and planet 2 stories and she'll join your team.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Collect, hack and equip an epic combo of legendary characters and unleash their magic powers by cheating runes on the screen of the device to easily crush rivals, defeat universal evil and reach the shores of a perfect world. Fame, glory and hack treasures are waiting for those who complete the quest.

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Tutorial (wiki): the open competition will be held in the same grade as that of the match. You can change your view from a quarter view to a sky view by tapping the map on the bottom. Upgrade stat cards to raise stars of all characters. Hero masters - experience an animated android game. Play with various characters and heroes. Customize your character. Strategize your play.

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