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Free hack Hero of Cryptoworld cheats code list - gold, stamina, weapons, promo ticket, platinum summon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Hero of Cryptoworld cheat world: the world had four gods of Sea, sky, land and life, and thankfully peace was kept. But through a rip in time and space, the Dark lord was born and gathered followers destroy the world. Warriors from all the world came togheter and went into battle, but they end up losing to the dark lord. To save the world, the gods each chose their warriors, and enter their bodies to prepare for another battle.

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The four warriors that embraced the gods finally battled the Dark lord. After a long battle they suceed in sealing the dark lord, but due to the effect of battle the four gods were unable to recover and fell in a deep sleep, but thanks to their sacrifice, the world found peace again, and the Dark Lord became a distant memory. And 100 years later...

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If you follow my lead you can battle little easier. Be Careful, when the monster is not in position, the attack doesn't affect them. So attack them when they're in their spot. YOu never know when the next battle will be. I better sharpen my weapon. i have materials from the last monster raid. I can power up weapons with this. Powering up my weapons made it sharper and easier to handle. The materials monsters carries are pretty useful.

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How about we also power up the skills as well. Hold down the + button to enhance multiple times in rapid succession. Once my hero level goes up, i can power up even more. Consistently powering up your weapons and skills.

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