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The great war is over. Many moons ago, the glorious heroes returned from the battlefields. Some heroes were looking for new adventures while others traveled to their homeland. This is the story of an old man and his unicorn.
This does not look good. Was that really our village? It’s been many years, but i still recognize the old dungeon. The village is completely destroyed and nobody is here anymore. So what do you want here?

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Tell me i’m crazy, but i want to rebuild the village from scratch. After all, it is our home! When we place a building, we can use it to create goods and sell them with a high profit.
I’ve heard that heroes love health potions. We could sell these, couldn’t we? Let’s start with the alchemist’s house. An alchemist crafts potions for heroes which they can use to fight monsters. Some monsters say that this is very unfair.

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Now we need customers who buy the potions. Can you lure a couple of heroes into the village? Choose the heroes who own the most gold and have many items. You’ve made good decisions: the heroes want to buy potions and fight monsters. And they have enough gold, too!
I looked around in the old dungeon. The last monsters must have left it years ago. A dungeon without monsters, that will not please the heroes. I found some rats in the alchemist’s basement. Let’s use them first!
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Rats are no real opponents for the heroes. We need something better. Maybe we should look at the ruins of the monster farm. My brother trained tame house goblins before the war. Rebuilt it, and maybe we can breed our own monsters. Monster farm - this is where goblins and other little monsters learn to look grimly, threaten with their sword and be spanked by heroes.
That was really good, but the heroes still do not look happy. They can now fight almost real goblins, but they also want to find valuable treasures. My nephew did his apprenticeship with a jeweler. He can produce worthless junk, which we can put as treasures in the old dungeon.

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  • Junk factory - here we can produce the junk the heroes find after a successful fight. It's all about the glitter, not the value!
  • The heroes seem happy with their loot. We should give them even more opportunities to spend their gold. They look hungry and thirsty. We could rebuild the old tavern.
  • Tavern - here you will find exquisite food and drinks for the weary adventure. Or at least beer and something smelling strangely from the big pot.
  • In the tavern, the place is getting narrow. We should increase the storage space for food and drinks and the space for the heroes. In addition to providing more space, this also improves the reputation of our village.

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Let’s make sure we always have enough space for the heroes. With a higher reputation also high level heroes will come to our village soon.
Characters leave the village as soon as they have no needs or gold anymore.Attract new heroes with your unicorn.
Word has gotten around that there is a tavern in the village. The heroes have some new needs. I should definitely refill the supplies in the tavern and the alchemist. With so many heroes, the supplies can be consumed quickly. And do not forget to check if we have enough monsters and loot left to fill the dungeon.
Hero Park tutorial

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Armor forge - which hero has not yet experienced that: the armor already has more holes than metal. Here, such a fate can be remedied. Unfortunately, the village’s old armor smith only crafts light armor. However, the armor is really well crafted and can be worn by mages, archers as well as warriors. We have to spend the gold to make our village better known. Heroes bandy it about once they have defeated a monster. That should ensure a good reputation. And we can also gain a lot of reputation by improving buildings or our dungeon.
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The chest is already in your treasure. Use the treasure goblin to crack the chest. Then open the chest and look for yourself.
Graveyard - the necromancer of your choice can raise undead here, who can be thrown into a dungeon. If your village reaches level 7, they can also spread diseases.

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