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Free hack Hero Z Survival cheats code list - recruit, evolve, gold, promo ticket, food, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Hero Z Survival cheat world: at the end of the 21st century, some deadly crystals from outer space dropped on earth. The deadly radiation they brought scattered all over the earth instantly. One tenth of human turned into senseless zombies at once. The survivors gathered together, setting up shelters in the ruins to fight against zombies hordes. In the battle between the living and the dead, a special kind of human which can absorb the energy of crystals in zombies has emerged.

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They become the shelters’ last hope in the doomsday. We call them - heroes! After a fierce battle, we cleaned up an abandoned city. It is time for us to rebuild it into a shelter. Most of the shelter’s facilities were damaged. We need to set up a power plant to restore electricity. We’ll need more people to help strengthen our defenses. Train more soldiers in the barracks.

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Commander, each time we complete a mission objective, we’ll get a certain amount of supplies. These supplies will be essential for the development of our shelter. We’ve finally obtained a foothold in these dark times. It’s time to make some progress and expand our influence. With the help of the heroes. You have successfully restored the operation of the shelter. But for the longer term, you must eliminate the threats around the shelter as soon as possible.

Hero Z Survival wiki
One hero and three helpers. If we can get more heroes to join us, our work should get a lot easier. Commander, we should come back to the pub often to see if there are new heroes we can recruit.
Crystals contain concentrated doses of viruses. It’s where zombies get their energy. Heroes can absorb crystals to enhance their abilities. When all six abilities have been enhanced, your hero can evolve.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Quick lineup allows you to quickly dispatch heroes and troops.
  • After evolving, the hero's power will increase, and they will get new skills.
  • By using the radar you found a map of a city nearby. In there we may find some supplies we need. But please be careful of the zombies when you explore
  • Use speed up items to reduce building upgrade time

Hero Z Survival tips
    Tutorial Hero Z Survival(wiki) :
  • Supply stations can increase troop training speed and the number of troops that are trained each time. IF you want to get troops fast, you'll need to build enough supply stations.
  • New heroes are relatively low leveled. I suggest leveling them up before sending them into battle.

Hero Z Survival tutorial

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