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Game mechanics: enter story mode to start a scenario. Tap the hero to assign to your team. You can use 2 chain skill by combining the same blocks. Tap ready when you’re done and let your heroes fight for your glory! Hero’s special skill - an EX skill block. Use EX skill to defeat the enemy. Manage battle mana: 2 chain skill requires 1 mana nad 3 chain skill requires 3 mana points. 2 mana points are added for each turn and 3 mana points are added for guild labyrinth. Use them wisely and enjoy your block play.

Hero Cantare hack

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Level up and increase your heroes’ abilities. Increase your characters’ levels with gold and experience materials. Their basic stats will be increased! Search the city to collect various resources. The more stages you clear, the better items you’ll find. Story rush - clear the stages and move on to get more rewards. Lidie’s monthly card - purchase to receive 50 gems everyday for total 2000 gems! Acquire 300 gems and city search’s buff!

Hero Cantare cheats, hack codes

Skills: crimson flame - attacks 1 opponent in the back row and boost the hero’s own defense. Endless Sky - attacks all enemies with the DMG being boosted up to 70% according to the decrease in the number of opponents. Mori Jin original - attack with the opponent with the highest HP and leaves a shot seal on the enemy. Three combo round kick - attack hero with the highest ATK and stuns unit with 30% probability.
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Relay missions: attendance - completing the mission in progress will let you advance to the next one. Clear season - as you progress through the main story, other contents will become available to you. Open portal - heroes can be obtained through open portal. Craft artifacts - to increase stat on the heroes, it’s important to take advantage set heroes by using equipments and artifacts strategically.

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