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Cheat code story: @ there's a human city called Ertos on the continent of Kairasia. The people in it have lived a quiet and peaceful life since time immemorial. Until one day...When suddenly, the demon lord called Morganter appeared, the places where he walked turned into scorched deserts. The world was on the edge of destruction, the people were powerless before the demon lord. They suffered defeat after defeat, and the final battle approached. But the gods did not abandon their people, and the skies of Ertos heard the people cry. And so the Goddess of the Initial fire came to the world, and the light of hope shone before humanity again. The goddess gave the heroes of Ertos the power of the initial fire. Under the leadership of the gods, the heroes challenge Morganter one last time.

Suddenly, the energy in the sky is chaotic. And you enter another world of parallel universes.... Time and space are back 20 years ago.”

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hack Hero Glory Descending World Step #1: read history - the initial fire shined on the world and lit the spark of enlightenment. Mortals passed it down through the generations. But the new world knows no peace. Those who want to protect it will meet their destiny face to face.

cheat Step #2: Choose a starting weapon: academy axe, saber or staff. You can change your weapon in the game.

code Step #3: Try to defeat fire elemental - the elements of phantoms and monsters are shown on top bar. There are 5 elements - water, fire, wind, light and darkness. Each of the five elements can be weak or strong against the other four. Learn which element is good against what and you'll have a better chance of winning.

Hero Glory Descending World Step #4: when the blue scale is full, you can take action. The scale's rate of growth is dependent on speed. Tap to choose the target for your attack.

Hack tools Step #5: use navigation menu - temporary gift, newbie gift, 1st payment, online rewards, guide, bonuses, check-in, shop, novice activity, summon. Game menu: magic canon, leaderboards, guild, chat, blacksmith, sacrifice, craft, phantoms, enchantments, formation, mastery test, grimoire, career.

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Hack Hero Glory Descending World abilities: wind missile - attack 1 enemy and deals magic damage with a chance of stunning them for 1 turn. Force of nature - summons force of nature to deal magic damage to all opponents. Art of healing - restores health to all teammates and removes 1 negative effect. Blade strike - attacks 1 enemy with a saber and deals physical damage.

Hero Glory Descending World basics: you can make elite potions and enhanced materials with synthesis materials. Events: Warrant - new quests appear every day in the capital. They come with a large reward. Complete quests and collect amazing rewards. Instances - fight in difficult instances with your friends and get a great reward for killing bosses. Phantom abode - fight phantoms from different dimensions. Win and get a large number of monsters and a generous amount of gold. Element lord - you can get a gift for defeating element Lord of various types and ranks. Phantasmagoria - for killing monsters in the Phantasmagoria, you get points that you can swap for techniques.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. You can get enchantments and learn how to use them in the magic academy window.
  • 2. Synthesis and evolution using various materials are available in the function window.
  • 3. You can obtain set chests and smelting points in instances or use cheats codes.
  • 4. Some elements are more effective against others. Memorize this chart and its color coding: yellow - no influence, green - effective, red - ineffective. Effective attack: +20% damage and 5% critical rate.
  • 5. Every phantom has its own characteristics and skills. Choosing the right formation will increase your power. After you get new or stronger phantoms, don’t forget to upgrade your formation.
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