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I haven’t much time, so listen carefully. mankind were slaves to the Hellions, until a united force under young slave Ensnar rebelled. The Hellions were beaten and sealed away, Esnar was then crowned King. We enjoyed years of peace, but they still clawed their way back, somehow...Take my place as the defender of Taslinia, and go. Get to Esnar Castle to find out what happened, and stop the Hellions.

Hero of Taslinia cheats, hack codes

1. UTrgMvrm - premium draw
2. TMSVwixN - gold coins
3. Enter gQ5Ul7F7 - speed up
4. Pass UlRH5FH5 - epic gear
5. t7dh73ln - level up
6. Enter KLBMl6uc - tickets
7. H8IUeYLz - ruby gem
8. yIbOAvBN - vip pass
9. ogZPOMHU - treasure of Taslinia: rare weapon token, arcane dust, war seal, premium draw ticket, enhancement stone.
10. pvFO6NH8 - unlimited arena energy
11. RqMmaJxz - daily meat +1000
12. hMkREMCf - resources: wood, stone, iron
13. eHTvR24n - enhancement stone II
14. eZtB5Ya6 - materials
15. FLePvoRB - evolve
16. i9XRSbwu - game coupon code

This is lance Brightblade, defender of Taslinia. We are under attack! Help me before we are overwhelmed. Join me in the defense. What weapon do you fight with?
Sword: berserker, warrior, gladiator. ATK - 4, HP - 3, DEF - 3, Speed - 2. Skill: ATK & COND - explosive aura attack that deals damage, and inflicts armor break that lowers defense by 15% (3 turns.) Area ATK - spinning slashes that deals 240% damage to the main target, and 180% damage to the two adjacent targets (if any). ATK - over head slash that deals 250% damage, with 30% chance of inflicting a critical hit. Passive - increases own attack by 15%, accuracy by 20%, and critical rate by 10%.
Bow: rogue, hunter, trapper. Attack - 3, HP - 2, Def - 2, speed - 5.
Skill: ATK - a powerful focused shot that deals 230% damage (guarantee hit).
Staff: pyromence, elementalist, warlock. ATK - 5, HP -2, Def - 1, Speed - 2. Skill: ATK - an ancient blast that deals 360% damage. Use cheat code - unlock secret hero.

Controls Hero of Taslinia: oh no, seal must be broken! We have to stop them! Every occupation has their own unique abilities. Remember, abilities have cool downs after each use. You learn fast. We must continue and find out how the Hellions broke free from their seal. 3 stars: clear the stage, no casualties, entire team's HP all higher than 10%. Hold on a skill button, then you can check details of the skill. You have leveled up and unlocked a new ability. This is the perfect time to try it out. If you want to see what it does, hold down to reveal more information. Our enemies are growing stronger. We must head back to Taslinia fore use cheats codes and more reinforcements.

Hack tools, Hero of Taslinia, building basics:
We need to upgrade our castle to unlock more buildings, functions, and hero slots to recruit more heroes. Great job, but we are going to need some allies to move forward. This is where you can recruit heroes for your cause. The world map portal is located on the bottom right, it will take you to the battles. Now the people turns to you for important tasks, they will be categorized in, mission. The missions are categorized into main and sub. Main missions not only provide great rewards, but also debuffs bosses upon completion.

Hero of Taslinia missions: the first main misssion is to get better equipment from the altar, let’s unlock that together. Time to get some new armors and weapons to enhance your arsenal - use cheat code. Allow me to gift you a 10 premium draw ticket for free! THe premium draw is one of the best ways to get high grade armors and weapons. Let’s head over to the castle where you could equip what you just got from the altar.

Hero of Taslinia gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Can’t hit the back row? Try using a ranged hero or an area attack.
  • 2. Hold down on any abilities in battle to view its info. Hold down on any character in battle to view their info and see their current buff status.
  • 3. Castle level governs the building and hero level capacity, and the amount of buildings and heroes you can have.
  • 4. Although the hard and hell difficulty have limited daily entires, they offer better rewards. Every type of dungeon has its own opening schedule. Dungeons refresh at 12:00 AM every night. Dungeon is one of the best places to earn upgrade materials.

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