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THe goons of the demon are here, warriors, go fight. Hold your formation, let’s teach these scums a lesson. The energy is fully charged, slide on the skill icon to select target, then attack the enemy with precision. Let new hero join our team, it’s like a tiger getting a pair of wings! Reasonably adjusting position can allow the hero to bring out stronger combat power. You can skip the front of warrior and attack the back row of wizards. Of course, in addition to sliding, you can also choose to click directly to quickly cast spells.


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We have acquired a lot of trophies before, let’s gear up our new heroes. If the character of the same element on the team reaches a certain nu,ber, it will trigger the element bonus. There is also a mutual restraint between the elements. If the attribute counters the enemy’s when attack, the damage increased, the damage taken reduces, which is related to the attribute of the hero. Fight on, you will be taught with more new things when you are powerful enough.

HERO REVENGES cheats, hack codes

Open the champion treasure box to get today’s hot hero at least, which will update at servers time 5:00. Open gold chest to get 10 characters (up to 1 purple unit), use x10 gold chest card in priority. The world experiences drastic changes, raging like a storm, and the gods drop into deep sleep, the gems are scattered everywhere, the continent torn by conflict is about to be ruled by the dark force.
Artifact: Lord’s bracer - it stands for the dignity and power, and the God has granted it a unique mark, so that it can control the will of the enemy on the battlefield. Potion box - get some potions after opening, the higher the maximum storage you clear, the more rewards you will get. A great deal of experience is here!
THe hero with equipped with full equipment can be subject to advancement, the hero’s level limit and skill level limit will reach a breakthrough after the advancement.

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