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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass, New York City USA engine. Heroball Z cheat list, hack tools: 8iF4P7 - opening pack III
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Heroball Z Game story: Hey there! My name is Cheat-on and i am the team commander. before we get to know each other better, let’s take care of the evil extraterrestrials over there first. Tap the hero ball to dispatch a novice. The novice you just sent out is a tier 1 novice! Tap on hero ball again to dispatch 4 more. Good job! Now, let’s make them stronger! Combine two tier 1 to make a tier 2 novice! Cool! Did you see how you can make a next tier novice by combining the same tier novices? Do you think you can make a tier 5 novice on your own?

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Great! All you have to remember is to dispatch and combine your novices. keep this up, then your army will be filled with strong novices in no time. I will let you in on a secret that could help you get novices faster. You can conduct research with the research coins you gain from combining novices. Tap academy - this is where you can conduct various research to help your battle. let’s start off with researching reduce hero ball production time 5 times. As you proceed, more research categories will be unlocked.

Heroball Z cheats, hack codes

Upgrade your heroes to defeat enemies even faster! i’ve got you novices who can aid your battle. Did you know that there’s another way to combine heroes? You can combine them a double tap.
The evil army became stronger! It’s going to be a tough battle. Ah, good new just came in! Dr. Sharon has finally succeeded in developing a powerful hero. I can’t wait tp see how strong heroes are going to be! Combine 2 tier 10 novices to make a hero. Now enjoy your strength fighting off the evil army.
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You can level up your heroes to make them even stronger. Collection - you can level your heroes up here! Press level up button to increase character’s level to level 50. Hold the button down to do it faster.
Now, let me tell you about returning! You can return to your starting point! You get rewards if you go back to where you started! You can use the rewards to strengthen your heroes. Strengthen your heroes by pressing Upgrade button! You need a certain type of cell that matches each hero! If you find a stage too difficult, return! Upgrade your heroes with the return rewards and try again!

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VRZsIJ - supply box
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rtI0DM - multiplayer
3U7yJ9 - vip status
0WYfS2 - star tokens
Hack 3cuqAP - artifacts
Cheat EI8RwG - evade
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