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Welcome, so you want to become a hero? Game is already full of heroes, do you think you have got what it takes? You sure don't look like a hero to me. Sitting there in your chair. But maybe i am wrong. Let's visit some other heroes, you could learn from them. Good luck becoming a true hero!
Ready for your first hero? There is this guy called the Spaniard. He wields his sword liek no other. He is humble, brave and courageous. He is what you are not! Two other heroes join your side. Defeat this gladiator today, and he might join you tomorrow.

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hack Herodom Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Alright rookie, this is our first battle. Please listen carefully. I will help you through the first steps. Don't worry, you will do fine! By the way, take good care of those two heroes. They are the king and the Queen.
A battle consists of multiple waves of enemies. Top menu - here you can see how many waves are still coming. Between some of these waves, you will have time to place and reorder your units. We need to keep the enemy from breaching our lines. Each enemy crossing our lines will cost us. Don't let this happen too often, they will destroy our village.

cheat Step #2: Units are just flesh and bones. But they do cost resources! Top menu - here you see how many resources you have left. A defeated enemy will gain us some resources, so kill as many as you can!
Alright, almost there! In a moment you will be able to select a unit, and tap his destination. You can also swipe to place more at the same time and relocate them. I already placed some soldiers for you, it's up to you to place the king and queen on the battlefield.

code Step #3:Oh and by the way, during a battle you can also deploy animals. They will run from behind the lines into the battlefield at your selected locations. Any animal that survives the wave can be used during the next wave.

Herodom Step #4: Before you continu on your terrible trip, let's visit the village to see what we can do there. Maybe you can make yourself useful for once.
Ready to spend some resources? Invest in our buildings to gain powerful new abilities, warriors and more. Often. heroes come visit our village. You can ask these heroes to join you. keep an eye out to spot them!

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  • 2. Commander, our soldiers are our most important assets. We can make better armours, weapons and train them in new combat techniques. If we want to be victorious in battle, please help us with your gifts. Do not underestimate the value of the life of a soldier, try to keep them alive.
    We proudly announce that we succeeded in designing a ranged weapon. With this bow, a soldier has the possibility to fire arrows at his opponents. Spend your money on us, and we can train our soldiers how to wield this bow.
  • 3. Battles can become complicated matter with different units, especially for you. So i have lined up some of your units to beat the first wave of enemies as an example. Of course you can relocate them, but don't try to be smart.
    Our scouts have some good news too! To make it easier for you to choose the right formation and composition of your troops, they can deliver you some information about the upcoming waves that the enemy will send to crush us.
  • 4. New resources we have gathered can be of great use in the village. Our farmlands can use some extra animals and crops to feed our soldiers, and our barracks have developed yet another unit. Before you go into the next battle, be sure to check it out!
  • 5. Farmlands - our citizens and soldiers need to be fed. As long as we are able to feed everybody, peace in our cities will be maintained. Fail, and rebellion and revolution will take over. Give us bread and circuses and we will never revolt. We would like to expand our farmlands and livestock, so we can feed our soldiers more. Their muscles grow as we feed them, making them wield their weapons with more force. This upgrade will increase our soldiers attack power.
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